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Menu Screen
The story occurs inside of the Mexican mountain known as Pico del Miedo, in 1940
Up in the mountain, a group of archaeologists has decided that there is something of interest buried under their feet
One of them falls down a hole with his workmates unable to help find for some hours
And shortly after he finds some sort of strange weapon called "the hammer"
And then, the real protagonist of the game appears: THE BALL!
It seems the Aztecs had something very weird going on inside of Pico del Miedo
They even built cities in there. Additionally, the different levels of the campaign, going from the archaeologist site to deep in the mountain, are shown at level selection
The story is told through voice overs every time an inscription like this is found
So do the different Aztec gold heads hidden in each level in the form of journals
An example of such a journal
Most of the puzzles consist of finding or accessing buttons to push. These can be yellow, to hit with the ball or blue, to hit by yourself.
These other buttons have to be pushed through the "throwing ball" option of the hammer
Mummies are the most typical enemies
But they are not the most dangerous ones
Various uses of the ball: Lantern in dark areas
Various uses of the ball: Charged electrically to electrocute big enemies
For some reason, the developers encourage us to crush monkeys with the ball
Spikes are bad, m'kay?
At some point, we can drive these big wheels fueled with the power of the ball
The Survival mode consists on surviving wave after wave of enemies
The Achievements list