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Additional Development by
Pinball Wizards
Brazil flag Brazil
Release Date
Dec, 1997
Additional Development by
Pinball Wizards
United States flag United States
Release Date
Dec 12, 1997
7 42725 60135 2
Additional Development by
Pinball Wizards
Distributed by
GOG Limited
Worldwide flag Worldwide
Release Date
Jan 31, 2013
Comments release
Additional Development by
Pinball Wizards
Distributed by
Valve Corporation
Worldwide flag Worldwide
Release Date
May 05, 2015
Steam release
Patch History
Feb 10, 1998
v1.1 Patch
New/fixed Features:
  • Key selection in menu for flipper, plunger, and nudge
  • Fix to permit extra ball awarding in Arcade mode
  • Fix for Duke extra ball dotpanel display sequencing
  • Fix to prevent Enter skipping high score entry until high score title shown
  • Increased maximum capping and adjustment for Powerball enabling
  • Fix for 2-ball jackpot totalling in Firestorm
  • Video driver update for problems with Matrox Mystique and Riva cards
  • Fix for problems with cards based on Rendition chips
  • Fix for problems using Video Setup button after installation
  • Removed screen capture key
  • Fix to allow single-screen view only on video cards less than 1 MB
  • Automatic resetting of display profile if video options changed in menu
  • Extra utility (Reprof) included to allow video reprofiling on demand
Apr 14, 1999
v1.2 Patch
New/fixed Features:
  • Added DirectDraw support option for the display
  • Fix to Firestorm 3-ball totalling for undefused bombs
  • Fix to Firestorm Powerplant and Freeway ramp scoring awards
  • Super combo scoring cap introduced
  • Kickback cheat code on Mutation now properly opens kickback gate
  • Powerball mode now correctly resets gas cylinders on Duke Nukem
  • Free 4-billion points in Duke Nukem video mode corrected
  • High score sorting problem corrected
  • Crashing after final ball of Darkside 3-ball corrected
  • Firestorm outlanes no longer turn off novice ballsaver
  • Suppressed false display of combos values in Mutation
  • Fixed Barbarian element missions to ensure correct display on completion
  • Corrected bug in Duke Nukem multiball modes in conjunction with elevator
  • Removed references to Worldscores, as they no longer track Balls of Steel scores
  • A few other minor fixes
Apr 09, 2001
v1.3 Patch
New/fixed Features:
  • Now runs under Windows 2000
  • Removed VESA support
  • Menu now displays full screen
  • Microsoft SideWinder game pad detection fixed to detect Pro (USB) version

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