Bang! Howdy Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
The town acts as a hub where you can access different buildings.
There are some very helpful tutorials to introduce you to the basics. You'll also receive some items for the effort.
The yellow squares show the movement range for this unit.
Collect the gold nuggers and bring them back to your claim.
Playing a game of Rustlin' Cattle.
Some scenarios (and especially multiplayer) allow you to choose the units before playing.
A lot of heat in a small canyon
Land Grab; watch out for the train that sometimes passes by.
Customize your character.
You need to collect four nuggets here before time runs out (see top of the screen).
An enemy unit in the back respawns.
Three teams in this scenario
Match-up screen
Four teams can make it a little hectic. Choose your goals carefully.
Some of the available cards
Most Wanted missions need to be unlocked and bought with a copper star.
The general store
Some basic Big Shot units. With a gold account more become available.
You can still change your appearance afterwards, but for a price.
My Big Shot unit is about to capture a homestead.
My units crossing the bridge together.
The three other parties appear to be coming after my homesteads.
The Town Bounties scenarios