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Advertising Blurbs

Italian distributor's website:
    Un simulatore di volo per principianti ed esperti! Dentro l'esoscheletro animato di Banzai Bug batte il cuore di un simulatore spacca-joystick, pompa-adrenalina e pieno di azione. Progettato per tutti voi giocatori che hanno di meglio da fare che memorizzare manuali tecnici delle dimensioni di volumi di matematica, Banzai Bug unisce una trama umoristica e dialoghi esilaranti all'azione aerea.

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Print advertisement - PC Player 03/1997:
    ... und sind sie nicht willig, so brauch ich Gewalt

    Banzai Bug

    Verwandeln Sie sich in ein Insekt, und zeigen Sie dem Kammerjäger wer das Sagen aht. Abegdreht, actionreich, bizarr, 3-dimensional, ...

    In Kürze für Windows 95 CD-ROM

    Komplett in Deutsch

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Press Release (April 1996):


    DANBURY, Conn. -- Soar to new heights by piloting the most acrobatic aircraft on earth -- a bug! From the perspective of wisecracking insects, Grolier Interactive's "Banzai Bug" lets players slice through the airwaves in a quirky, fast-paced action flight game, scheduled for release on CD-ROM in the first quarter of 1997.

    Created and developed by San Francisco-based Gravity Inc., the title is designed to thrill and amuse players by providing unrestricted flight capabilities in a fully rendered 360 degree environment. Gamers will need both nimble reflexes and a sharp mind to achieve the ultimate mission -- to drive the humans out of the house. During the perilous adventure, users encounter every imaginable obstacle in an insect's worst nightmare.

    "The appeal of 'Banzai Bug' is it allows players to perform advanced aerial maneuvers, such as flying upside down and dive bombing targets, easy to learn without complicated manuals," John McIlvaine, vice president, marketing, Grolier Interactive, said. "At the same time, each game level adds a new degree of intensity which makes the game a challenge to master."

    Woven into the fast-paced action is an original story line that advances game play and entertains users with witty dialogue.

    The story begins when Banzai, the reckless barnstorming protagonist who claims to be "The Fastest Bug in the West," finds himself trapped in a seven-room home. The house, styled to reflect a 1950's view of the future, belongs to an exterminator and his family. The twist is the resident bugs are planning a revolution. Their goal is to collect materials to build a "Stinkulator," an anti-human bomb.

    In order to do this, the player guides Banzai and his new buddies through aerial obstacles such as Mom's bug spray, Dad's armada of mechanical bug predators and the son Bobby's penchant for plucking out bug wings. With each new room, players are propelled to the next level where aerial challenges become greater and puzzles more complex.

    "'Banzai Bug' flies like an F-16, hovers like an Apache helicopter and has an attitude like Bart Simpson," Lou Carmellini, games marketing manager, Grolier Interactive, said.

    Grolier Interactive's new title is designed for single-user play. The unrestricted 360 degree freedom of flight is supported by Microsoft DirectX technology that combines the impact of fully rendered 3-D environments with the convenience of plug and play. Developed for ages 12 and up, the title will be available for Windows 95 at an estimated street price of $49.99.

    Grolier Interactive is well-known for its award-winning CD-ROM reference and entertainment titles found in homes, schools and libraries worldwide, including The Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia. The company's main headquarters is located in Danbury, Conn. To order or register your product, please call (800) 285-4534. For other customer service inquiries, call (203) 797-3530. Grolier Interactive's Web site is


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    A Flight-Sim for Novices and Aces alike! Beneath the animated exoskeleton of Banzai Bug beats the heart of a joystick-wrenching, pheromone- pumping, action-packed flight-sim. designed for all you gamers with better things to do than memorize a tech manual the size of a calculus book, Banzai Bug weaves a humorous story-line and wise cracking dialogue seamlessly into the aerial action. Lead Banzai on a mission to drive the bug-phobic humans out of the house forever. Banzai Bug will be flying off your local software retailer's shelf soon

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