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Banzai Bug Credits

For Gravity

Original ConceptZak Zaidman, Lee Namba, Dale John McGrew
Characters & StoryLee Namba, Curtis Norris, Paul Godwin

For Gravity - Production

ProducerDale John McGrew
Associate ProducersCurtis Norris, Lee Namba
Asset ManagerPaul Pettross
Project ManagerCinda Voegtli

For Gravity - Direction

DirectorLee Namba
Assistant DirectorCurtis Norris

For Gravity - Programming Team

Lead ProgrammerDan Gorlin
Lead Character EngineersAaron Brashears, Marc Hodges
BouncersTim T. Rayle, Jill Veronda

For Gravity - Art Team

Lead ArtistRandall Ho
ArtistsLisa Wong, Anthony Rivero

For Gravity

ScriptRichard Smith, Curtis Norris, Todd Godwin

For Gravity - Game Design

Lead Game DesignerAbraham Heward
Game DesignersDan Gorlin, Dale John McGrew, Curtis Norris, Lee Namba, Aaron Brashears, Ed Bever (Grolier), Tom Koch
Game Design ConsultantKyle Brink

For Gravity

Programming SupportTamar Cohen, Charles Pitzer, Leonard Guy, Robert Weglinski
Video EditingRamil Sunglao (Ray), Manuella Scalini

For Gravity - Quality Assurance

Test LeadRobert Owen
QA ManagerPaul Pettross
TesterMari Hidalgo
Focus TestingPeter Green, John Petit, Michael McCormick, Timothy Childs, David Collier, Cinda Voegtli, Bill Voegtli, Ellen Voegtli

For Gravity - Cast

Banzai BugTodd Godwin
GnatashaBelinda Blair
PoolioPaul Godwin
Old BanzaiTodd Godwin
DadPaul Godwin
MomWendy Dorr
SluggoTimothy Enos
AlbertAdam Strom
BobbyAaron Brashears

For Gravity - Sound & Music

Original music composed and arranged byPaul Godwin
Sound Design byTom Koch (Cacophonic Sound Geek; for New Dog Music)

The Band

Contractor/BassMark Eastwood
Trumpet/Horn ArrangingRolf Johnson
DrumsJack Dorsey
PianoJohn Quam, Eric Rigaud, Paul Godwin
GuitarPaul Rustigian
TromboneMarty Wehner
Alto/Bari SaxophoneScott Richards
Tenor/Soprano SaxophoneHarvey Robb
Vibes/Bass/PercussionPaul Godwin
Jew's HarpZak Zaidman
Recording & Mix EngineerDave Plank

Additional Support Gravity Inc.

Executive Technical DirectorKen Hilton
FoundersZak Zaidman, Lee Namba, Dale John McGrew
Information SystemsJeffery Martin (Jeffery NetGod Martin)
Operations ManagerJoanne Leal
AccountingLucie Lafranchise
Chief Financial OfficerAnne Dorman (CPA)
Legal CounselTom Furlong (Gray Cary Ware & Freidenrich)
Production CoordinatorWendy Dorr
EngineersAnton Davidow, Mark Palange
Associate ProducerStef Smith
DirectorBob Koch
ArtistCharles Bohlen
ProducerLaurie Ochsner
Gravity Trailer CreationAmee Evans
Sound EngineerRene Ancinas

For Grolier Interactive

Senior VP, Product GroupErnie Cormier
Executive ProducerGreg Martinelli
ProducerEd Bever
Associate ProducersPaul Myott, Deirdre Dreslough
Test/QAMary Jo Brown, Heather Browning, Kacy Cheron, Brian Cook, Ryan Natale, Eileen Sass, Eric Scofield
VP Sales & MarketingJohn McIlvaine
Director of Marketing, GamesLou Carmellini
Assistant Marketing ManagerPatty Fullam
Package DesignHughes Design Group
Marketing Art DirectorChris Harris
Marketing Communications CoordinatorCindy Bach
Public RelationsThe Bohle Co.
Manual WriterDeirdre Dreslough
Manual Copy EditorAndy Sloan
Manual Graphic DesignNancy Cardlin


Additional ThanksDave Milici, Dave Fleischer, ThinkFish Inc., Stephan Bugaj, Adam Frank, Tom Ono, Susan Goldstein
Special ThanksLewis Henderson (William Morris Agency), Mark Long (Zombie), Zak Zaidman (Gravity), Jaron Lanier, Ann McCormick, All of our understanding families and friends, Banzai Bug's Mom

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