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Barbie Sparkling Ice Show Credits

Krome Studios

Chief Executive OfficerRobert Walsh
Creative DirectorSteven Stamatiadis
Technical DirectorJohn Passfield
Studio ManagerAndy Green
Executive ProducerRobert Watson
ProducerDavid Gillespie
Lead ProgrammerDaniel Krenn
ProgrammersKim Watson, Ryan Booker
Engine ProgrammersJames Podesta, Tony Ball, Damian Stewart, David Pevreal, Ashley Davis
Tools ProgrammerRobert Crane
Lead Level ArtistJason Christie
Lead Prop and Front-End ArtistAndrew Clark
Lead Animator & Costume ArtistNicole Stark
ArtistsTim Berry, Caleb Trott, Louis Johnson, Aaron Allport, Dale Pugh, Corie Geerders, Jenny Paulo, Mark Cuthbert, John Sheils
SoundGeorge Stamatiadis
MusicCastles Music Productions
QA ManagerJohn Barry
QA LeadDaniel Cox
Senior TesterAndrew Bergmann
QA StaffGuy Cooper, Jason Cross, Kylie Downs, Salvatore Fazio, Jason Harwell, Luke Ilett, Matt McKillop, Christopher Palu, Justin Roberts-Thompson, Donna Shaw, Marc Speakman, Nic Wechter, Hugh Winwood-Smith

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Credits for this game were contributed by Leah Emery (176)