Barnyard Credits

Blue Tongue Entertainment

ProducerNick Hagger
Assistant ProducersGraeme Webb, Gareth Luke
Game DesignNick Hagger, Mark Morrison
Technical ManagerGraeme Webb
Engine ProgrammersDerek Burnheim, Adrian Garrett, Florian Strauss, Shane Stevens, Michael Young
Lead ProgrammerDan Khoan Chau
ProgrammersJoel Anderson, J. D. Praveen Babu, Mark Boulton, Vincent Chau, Richard Hunton, Sam Izzo, Lindsay Loughlin, Jesse Neave, Arieh Schneier, Jarrod Smith, Michael Young
Lead Environment ArtistBen Crouch
Concept ArtistLloyd Chidgzey
ArtistsAdam Bras, Ben Crouch, Russell Hughes, Darren Tibbles, Stephen Rushbrook, Anthony Clare
Lead AnimatorAbhi Ryan
Core AnimatorsTimothy W. Brooks, Shannon Caldwell, Kate Inabinet, Andy Yong, Stefan Kamoda
Cut Scene AnimatorsAndrew Dyson, Shannon Caldwell, Kate Inabinet, Neil Kennedy, Julian Lamont, Heath Pagram, Abhi Ryan
Game AudioStephan Schütze, John Guscott
Quality Assurance ManagerNizam Abdallah
Quality Assurance TeamBen Abbott, Choon Tsung Low, Ee Leng Chang, Daniel Stante
Additional Quality Assurance Murray Lorden, Angela Lin
Office AdministratorBelinda Henderson
System AdministratorStephan Neofitou
Human ResourcesAndrew Kirkby, Jane Robertson
Production DirectorKevin Chan
Art DirectorTerry Lane
Creative DirectorNick Hagger
General ManagerKevin Chan
Extra Special ThanksSteven Spagnolo, Shane Stevens

THQ Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance ManagersMario Waibel, Michael Motoda
Test SupervisorNickolas Gardner
Test LeadSteven Kitchens
TestersMalik Aziz, Brett Danek, Frederic Lavoie, Sean Setterfield, Joshua Tefertiller
PC SupervisorJames Krenz
Quality Assurance TechniciansRichard Jones, David Wilson, Jonathan Gill
Mastering Lab TechniciansCharles Batarse, Glen Peters, Anthony Dunnet, T. Ryan Arnold
Game Evaluation TeamSean Heffron, F. Scott Frazier, Matt Elzie, Eric Weiss

THQ Inc.

Licensor ManagerStephanie Wise
Production Resources ManagerJenae Pash
Global Localization ManagerAmy Small


Director - Global Brand ManagementJohn Ardell
Senior Global Brand ManagerDanielle Conte
Brand ManagerJeremy Taylor
Marketing CoordinatorSam Guilloud

Creative Services

Director ‑ Creative ServicesHoward Liebeskind
Creative Services ManagerKirk Somdal
Instruction Manual TextJohn E. Deaver
Packaging Layout and DesignBrian Balistreri

Media Relations

Global Senior Media Relations ManagerKristina Kirk
Media Relations ManagerKathy Mendoza Bricaud
Media Relations CoordinatorGretchen Armerding
Special ThanksBrian J. Farrell, Jack Sorensen, Edward Zinser, Tiffany Ternan, James Kennedy, Germaine Gioia, Leslie Brown, Brandy A. Carrillo, Jenni Carlson, Amy Bernardino, Christopher Folino, Fernando Velloso, Kris Buccieri, Melissa Rivas, Chad Ellman, Laura Campos, James Gilbert-Rolfe, Josh Austin, Tanya Haider, Jean Philippe Randisi, Gregoire Halbout, Nicole Withers, Nathalie Massabni, Miriam Wermelt, Chris Arnwine


Creative Marketing SupervisingDimitri Joannides
Lighting SupervisorConnon Carry
Posing AnimatorKatie Folsom
EFX ArtistDax LaFleur
Modelling and BGMike Montague
Photoshop ArtistMary Poplin
Marketing CoordinatorGreg Emerson
Production ManagerLeslie Barker
ProducerAaron Parry


EVP, Nickelodeon Digital MediaStephen Youngwood
Senior Director, InteractiveStacey V. Lane
Senior Producer, InteractiveDavid Bergantino
Marketing Manager, InteractiveJack Daley
Manager, InteractiveStephanie Bond-Hutkin
Coordinator, InteractiveDan Boldin
VP/Creative Director LicensingTim Blankley
Creative Director, Entertainment ProductsDaniel Moreton
Senior Designer, InteractiveRob Lemon
Junior Designer, InteractiveJason Diorio
Senior Manager, Copy/ContentDebra Krassner
Nickelodeon Would Like to ThankJustine Briskman, Leigh Anne Brodsky, Russell Hicks, Eddie Hill, Bernice Horn, Bree LeMasters, Linnette Attai, Julia Pistor, Geoff Todebush, Michael Zermeno, Chezza Zoeller
Special Thanks toSteve Oedekerk


"Big Boss Dog"Written and performed by North Mississippi Allstars © 2005 North Mississippi Music
"Chicken Lickin Good"Christopher Ballew (Writer/Performer), Performed by North Mississippi Allstars
"Hittin The Hay"Janne Ericsson (Writer), Teijo Agell-Leskela (Writer), Performed by North Mississippi Allstars, Published by Zomba Enterprises Inc - ASCAP, obo Zomba Music Publishers Ltd.
"Let It Ride"J. Ralph (Writer/Performer), Published by Tubby and the Spaniard Music Publishing, Master Recording Furnished Courtesy of The Rumor Mill LLC, All Rights Reserved, International Copyright Secured, Used by Permission
"Like To Boogie"Christopher Ballew (Writer/Performer), Published by Aurora Elephant Music - ASCAP
"Mud"Written and Performed by North Mississippi Allstars © 2005 North Mississippi Music - BMI
"Poor Little Me"Christopher Ballew (Writer/Performer), Published by Aurora Elephant Music - ASCAP
"Put A Lid On It"Thomas Edward Maxwell (Writer/Performer), Kenneth Mosher (Writer/Performer), Published by Baby New Year Music LLC obo Strept Throat Music - ASCAP, and Hot But Sweet - ASCAP
"The Red Hot Polka"Chris Anderson (Whitey - Writer/Performer), Published by Workshirt Music - BMI, By arrangement with Music for the Masses
"The Ride of the Valkyries"Richard Wagner (Writer), Courtesy of Opus 1 Music Library
"Three Fire Blues"Thomas Edward Maxwell (Writer/Performer), Kenneth Mosher (Performer), Published by Baby New Year Music LLC obo Strept Throat Music - ASCAP, and Hot But Sweet - ASCAP
"What You Want"Christopher Ballew (Writer/Performer), Published by Aurora Elephant Music - ASCAP
Soundtrack Produced byKaryn Rachtman
Musical Score byNorth Mississippi Allstars
Musical Score Produced by Mickey P

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Jonathan Gill, 75 other games
John Ardell, 72 other games
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Credits for this game were contributed by DJP Mom (11110)