Barrow Hill: Curse of the Ancient Circle Credits

Shadow Tor Studios

Written byMatt Clark
Created byMatt Clark
Programmed byMatt Clark
Sound Effect Recording & Sourcing byMatt Clark, Jonathan Boakes, Brian Clark
Sound Editing byMatt Clark
Ambient Music Arrangement byMatt Clark
Event Music & Theme Composed byJan Kavan
Blue Screen Photography byBrian Clark, Emma Harry
Visual CastRichard Clark (Ben Kendal), Emma Harry (Emma Harry)
Audio CastEmma Harry (Barrow Hill Radio & Emma Harry), Jonathan Boakes (Ben Kendal), Frances Prestige (Radio Horoscopes), Chrissie Ryan (Maggie Willis), Matt Clark (Conrad Morse), Patricia Clark (Scratch Card Hotline), Chrissie Ryan (Edward Briss Answerphone), Richard Clark (Babs Cabs Answerphone), Richard Clark (Offerings Voice ), Patricia Clark (Whispers On The Wind ), Chrissie Ryan (Whispers On The Wind), Richard Clark (Whispers On The Wind ), Brian E Clark (Whispers On The Wind)
Audio Cast - Radio AdvertsRichard Clark (Charlie Clown), Brian E Clark (Antiques Adventure Land), Chrissie Ryan (Sorepoint Bingo), Patricia Clark (Patsy‚Äôs Flowers), Jonathan Boakes (Celtic Corner/Ginger Toothpaste/Omega 3 Bob & Jim)
Location Filming byJonathan Boakes, Matt Clark
Time Lapse Filming byJonathan Boakes
Car Driving byChristopher Marsh
Installer Scripting byRichard Clark
Original Packaging Design byMatt Clark
Concept Development byMatt Clark, Jonathan Boakes
Mountain Cake Design byDorothy Ellis

Lighthouse Interactive

CEOErik Schreuder
Vice President Business DevelopmentSteve Wall
Development ManagerRaymond Snippe
European Public RelationsRaymond Snippe
Product ManagerSean Charles
UK Sales ManagerHoward Newmark
Assistant Public RelationsEveline van Berchum
Graphic ArtsMichael van Zijl
Package DesignMichael van Zijl
Associate Graphic DesignerMelissa Meeuwsen

Got Game Entertainment

Founder/CEOHoward Horowitz
Director of PRBeverly Cambron, Rocco Media LLC
Director of MarketingBeverly Cambron, Rocco Media LLC
Packaging RedesignPeter Gifford,

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