Batman: Arkham City - Harley Quinn's Revenge Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Getting started.
A little warm up.
Some GCPD officers were captured by Harley Quinn. Guess who'll have to save them?
This time pink balloons server role of collectable objects.
Hand-to-hand brawl.
While flying around industrial zone, you'll sure notice some changes since the last visit.
Subordinates often have opinions on different matters and do not hesitate to share them.
D-oh, you just died.
Better be careful with those snipers. Batman isn't 100% bulletproof.
Cut scenes are amazingly cinematic.
Learning about one of Robin's gadgets.
Finishing off ugly fat pig.
Surprisingly, enemies never run away or panic during brawls.
You can finish the boss battle in two ways: getting constantly shot at while beating the shit out of everyone or stealthy disposing of them one by one.
Hang around, harley.
Wow, that promises a lot of fun.
Boot to the face: even titaned person won't stand against it.
The last confrontation.
Robin uses shield to withstand enemy fire (and some other hazards)
Creepy Joker doll
TV-faced Joker statue