Batman: Arkham City Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title Screen
Batman with the animated series DLC skin
Default Batman costume
The Dark Knight Descends
Sneaking up on some bad guys
Typical loading screen
Opening grates make a triumphant return
Harley Quinn
Is this not Robins job?!
Found the first Riddler Trophy
Finishing Punch
The game features numerous challenges..
..and dozens of upgrades
Swinging because I'm Batman that's why
Rescuing the doctor
Stealth take down
Blowing up a wall because I'm Batman that's why
Each character has a full bio
Detective Mode
Upgrade. Nice
Riddler sending a message
Hacking an electronic lock
Doing some bat training
One of many Riddler's trophies
A titan'd thug
Will the Bats make it??
Here goes Mr. Cobblepot
Fighting some ninja assassins
Solomon Grundy, Born on a Monday
Say hello to Rā's al Ghūl
And here's Mr. Freeze
You're out of your mind, Bats
Bats looking for some amusement
A picture from the gallery
All characters' 3D models can be viewed in the gallery. Here's Poison Ivy.
Scanning crime scene for evidence
Ridiculously dressed Joker's thugs. Also, can you spot Batman here?
Riddler's Revenge mode - the lobby
Each challenge map has three challenges required for a perfect run. Campaigns usually consist of three challenge maps.
Double takedown
Catwoman with one of her toys
Catwoman kicking a thug
This trophy can only be collected by Catwoman
Catwoman's detective vision is different from Batman's
Catwoman's Halloween costume
One of Catwoman's most neat tricks - stealth takedown of a guy from below