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Batman: Vengeance (Windows)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Batman: Vengeance Credits

Ubi Soft Entertainment - PC Project Team

Project ManagerLiu Jing
Lead ProgrammerFang Wei Cheng
Lead Game DesignerYang Jin, Shen Yi Qian
Lead ArtistZhu Kai Lin
Lead AnimatorHuang Zhi Qing
Lead InfodesignerZhou Jing
Lead TesterXu Ming
Sound DesignerYang Jie
ArtistsGu Qiang, Liang Jie, Shen Rong Lin, Li Qing, Li Hui
ProgrammersZhang Jie, Li Sheng Yong, Chen Bao Wu, Lin Nan
Data ManagerYu Lei
TestersChai Ze Hua, Li Jun Wei, Li Hao, Qiao Dong, Zou Jun Jie
PlanningLu Wei Xin, Yao Sheng
Ubi Soft China Management Managing DirectorCorinne Le Roy
Assistant Managing DirectorArnaud Carrette
Software Studio ManagerChen Shen Feng
Info‑Design Studio ManagerWu Jun
Design Studio ManagerYe Wei
Graphic/Animation Studio ManagerLu Zhi Gang
Data Management Studio ManagerZong Jin
Test Studio ManagerBai Hai Lei
Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment CEOYves Guillemot
International Production CoordinatorChristine Burgess-Quémard
International Content DirectorSerge Hascoët
International Content ManagerBenoit Galarneau
Third Party Project ManagementAnne Villeneuve, Anne Blondel-Jouin, Jean-Christophe Petit

Ubi Soft Marketing

EMEA Marketing - European Marketing DirectorLaurence Buisson-Nollent
European Group ManagerGabrielle Loeb Zagoury
European Brand ManagerMarine Menut
Special Thanks toBatman: Vengeance PS2 Team
Executive ProducerAlain Tascan
ProducerReid Schneider
Associate ProducerRoxane Gosselin
Planning CoordinatorÉric Pépin
Production AssistantDanielle Lajoie
ScriptwriterJohn Thomas Petty
Lead Game DesignerPierre Rivest
Lead ProgrammerStéphane Morichère-Matte
Lead Content ProgrammerJean-François Vallée
Lead ModelerJean-Sébastien Morin
Lead AnimatorJoseph Nasrallah
Lead Real-Time Cinematic AnimatorFrançois Royer, Martin Caya
Lead Localization IntegratorHenry Stopek
Data ManagerFrancis Tremblay, Justina Wang
Lead TesterBruno Bellavance
Sound Project ManagerJérémi Valiquette
Batman Full Motion Video DirectorLaurent Jennet
Production SupervisorMarianne Souliez
Production ManagersÉric Pépin, Sophie Penziki

The New Batman Adventures Voice-Over Actors

Batman ‑ Bruce WayneKevin Conroy
The JokerMark Hamill
BatgirlTara Strong
Harley Quinn - Mary FlynnArleen Sorkin
Mr. FreezeMichael Ansara
Poison IvyDiane Pershing
Commisioner GordonBob Hastings
Alfred Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
Mayor HillLloyd Bochner
Voice‑Over DirectorAndrea Romano
Recorded AtMonterey Post Sound

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

ProducerHeidi Behrendt
Executive ProducerBrett Skogen
Associate ProducerAmes Kirshen
Art DirectorsPeter Tumminello, Allen Helbig
Creative ManagerCharles Carney
Marketing CoordinatorJim Molinaro
Special Thanks toDC Comics, Warner Bros. TV Animation, Michael Harkavy, Philippe Erwin, Scott Johnson

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Credits for this game were contributed by Indra is engaged (19911)