Written by  :  Hadanite Marasek (29)
Written on  :  Oct 19, 2002

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A beautiful game

The Good

This game had it's own, unique style. I already liked the slow moving hexagon of the title screen and the chilled background music. The ingame music and graphics were beautiful too, lush isles within a wide ocean. Nice enough just to sit there and watch while the sun goes down in a romantic sunset. Light effects and ambient sounds added greatly to the atmosphere, with constant streams of energy glowing at night in the landscape and a fully illuminated base in the distance. Everything fitted right into the landscape, maybe the units themselves looked a little bit small compared to brushes or buildings. The landscape also influenced sight and attack range, making it necessary to gain points of strategic interest, like heights, and to avoid moving units through a valley. There is a variety of mission objectives, and often the objectives change as the plot unfolds.

The Bad

This game was time consuming at best, if not boring after a certain point. I spent most of the time moving units around or sitting before the computer waiting for the AI to finish. It can take several days to complete only one mission, I therefore quit at some point when I realized how many useful things I could do, compared to waiting... I then cheated myself through the game and was dissapointed by the fact that there are only four cutscenes.

The Bottom Line

A beautiful, smooth and somewhat silent game. Only play it if you have a _lot_ of leisure time...