Battlecruiser Millennium (Gold Edition) Credits


Product ManagerBrian Gladman (DreamCatcher Interactive Inc. - Canada)
Designer, Producer, Project Manager, Lead Developer, Chief Technology Officer, Core Development, Kernel AI, Scenario Scripting, Program Manuals, QADerek K. Smart (USA)
Additional Development, Dynamics Kernel SDK, Misc ToolsPeter Rushworth (UK)
Additional Development, Dev Support, Misc ToolsAndrei Proskurine (Russia)
Terrain Technology SDKDarrin Hurd (New Zealand)
Multiplayer Technology SDKNicholas Caldwell (USA)
Planetary Terrain Texture And DEMsPeter Lyall (New Zealand)
Core Digital 2D Artists, 3D Modelers, AnimatorsJason Schooley (USA), Eric Walker (USA)
Additional 3D Modelers, AnimatorsMike Shagin (Russia), Matt Aufderheide (USA), Roger Singhal (USA), Bas Korsmit (Netherlands), Paul David Jones (UK)
Additional Digital 2D ArtistsJuan Villegas (USA), Matthew Wood (UK), Mark Kuykendall (USA)
Digital Soundfx & Music Sound TracksMarkus Hastrieter (Germany), Raven Audio
Beta Testing3000AD Beta Team
Thanks to all the Beta testers worldwide for their exceptional and valuable input. Especially to the following:Ron Wallin, John Anderson, Mike Walters, Charles Lindsey, Nick Jamont, Aaron Dickey, Emmett Hendrick, Stephen Newcomb, Chris Shears, Rick Gordon, Greg Miller, Thomas Siemens, Harri Hautakangas, Hector Socas Navarro, Richard Pasquier, Dennis Shelton, Carl Hughes, Larry Brewer, David Acklam, David Seregow, Mano Faber, Pauli Pilvi, David VanDyk, John Philip Martin, Jason Alcock, Richard Phariss, Kevin Rhodes, Allen Richardson, Richard Smith, Paul Edward Cooper, Buddy Toolooze, Michael Aikey, Raymond Dennis, Steve Schacher, Tyran Ormond, Ashley Ridley, Daniel Williams, Shannon Wold, Michael Newhouse, Jimmy Wilson, Billy D'Augustine, Rick Gridley, Brandon R. Garrett, Lawrence Smith, Eric Rotbard
Special thanks for the appendix. Also for compiling al version control data from the beta program for use in my creation of the program manual. And to all the Beta testers for all their suggestions and assistance in creating this awesome game.Chris Shears

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69553)