Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Anzio Battle loading screen, one of the new maps we can find in this expansion
Anzio Battle map and character selection
Now you can combat on the Italian troops side
As Italian soldiers, getting an axis transport vehicle
Using a mounted weapons against the enemy in the other side of the river
Capture the flags are very important to increase the possibility of victory
Operation Baytown loading screen
Operation Baytown map. Remember to change spawn point as soon you advance and conquer new flags!
Using a troops transport boat to cross the river
Monte Santa Croce briefing screen
France is another army you can play in this expansion
One of the mounted weapons you can use on Monte Santa Croce map
French assault troops running to the front lines
Monte Santa Croce is a long map, so vehicles are the best help to reach the battle front
Monte Casino battle loading screen
In Monte Casino you fight on the middle of the night
Using the bazooka in the middle of the German post
German soldier protecting the base, time for Sniper action
Playing as a French soldier is hard to reach the top of the hill, where all the Germans wait for us
After several dies, i take the protected way to reach the top of the hills, a tank!
Operation Husky briefing, this time Italian army fight against English troops
Operation Husky map. The mission of the Italian forces is to prevent the English assault
Taking a BF-110 one of the new airplanes on the expansion
Flying on the BF-110 over the battlefield
Attacking one of the English ships that give support to the troops
Attack over the beach head
Salerno Battle briefing screen
Firing from a mounted artillery weapon
Taking off from the airfield
Protecting the Radar Station from a tank, inside view