Written by  :  Jester236 (39)
Written on  :  May 25, 2004
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Medal of Honor is simply pathetic when compared to Battlefield.

The Good

Nearly everything about this game is perfect.

Vehicles- The amount of vehicles in this game is simply outrageous. You can use any vehicle that you can see, fighters, tanks, jeeps, and even U-boats. It is simply satisfying to drop a missile on some idiot who wasn't paying attention, or blow five infantry into the air with a tanks cannons blast.

Music- There is no music in the game other than on the pause/main screen, and trust me that is definitely a good thing. With no sound, in-game, you can hear the whiz of an airplane overhead, just before it razes you with machine guns, you can hear every bullet, right before it kills you. Somehow being slaughtered by an enemy that you didn't even now was there is satisfying.

A.I.- The bots on this game are quite smart and extremely good in any type of vehicle. While some people might consider an enemy that is good enough to kill you stupid and annoying, I like it simply because it gives me a challenge, and forces me to get better at the game. When put on the highest level they will be very good, but like any game, they will be semi predictable, and eventually simple to beat.

The Bad

The only bad thing about this game is that because of the so many vehicles, it kind of takes away the feeling of a good first-person shooter. That is my only complaint.

The Bottom Line

This game is great and try to buy the deluxe pack if you can as it includes the expansion pack The Road to Rome. Buy this game.