Battlefield 2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Taking down a plane using the ship's defense cannon.
New Blue Pearl map
Blue Pearl-AK47 Flag Defense
A good sniping position.
Trying to get a shot through their window.
Blue Pearl-Support leaping to parachute into back base
Blue Pearl-Defense with mounted machine gun before he lands
He didn't see me.
Blue Pearl-Health packs for the squad
Chasing the enemy.
Blue Pearl-Revive Squad lead an teammate to defend flag
In-game scorecard.
Blue Pearl-USMC Shotgun at close range
Hovering over the battleship and stalking the occupants.
Blue Pearl-Frag grenade with AK47 defense
Vehicles are nicely detailed.
Blue Pearl-Point blank range
Flying around the map with the plane, but it's easier to score hits with a helicopter.
Blue Pearl-Battle is over
Highway Tampa map
Highway Tampa-TOW shot on MEC Anti-Air
Highway Tampa-APC TOW shot on MEC Anti-Air
Highway Tampa-M1 Abrams tank repair during battle
Highway Tampa-Bridge battle
Highway Tampa-USMC holds the bridge moving on flag
Highway Tampa-APC TOW round on MEC tank
Highway Tampa-Landing BlackHawk on gas station taking flag
Highway Tampa-APC TOW close range taking flag
Highway Tampa-Battle is over
BF2 BFHQ Awards/Medals/Badges/Ribbons
BF2 BFHQ promotion
BF2 in game field promotion First Lieutenant
BF2 in game field promotion Captain
Dragon Valley-Dispatch Cobra pilot with M95 Sniper hiding in tree line
Dragon Valley-Line up the Cobra pilot back seat position
Dragon Valley-Through the canopy dead he slumps forward the gunner is confused they crash into ground
Rank up unlocks G36C
Rank up unlocks L96A1 Sniper Rifle
Rank up unlocks P90