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Battlefield 2142: Booster Pack - Northern Strike (Windows)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

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Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.4
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.6
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.8
Overall User Score (7 votes) 4.2

Critic Reviews

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Game Chronicles
At it’s core, Northern Strike is essentially the same game battlefield fans have come to know and love, but gives players the opportunity for an enriched experience, by adding more of the near-future technology and awesome environments that made the original 2142 such a blast to play.
Boosterpacks zu bewerten ist immer sehr schwer. Zum Einen bieten sie nur wenige Neuerungen, aber gerade eingefleischte Battlefield-Zocker werden diese paar Features lieben. Die drei neuen Maps ergänzen das bisherige Kartenmaterial sehr gut und die zwei enthaltenen Fahrzeuge passen perfekt in das Zukunftsszenarium hinein. Auch die neuen freischaltbaren Features sorgen für mehr Abwechslung und Action im Spiel. Trotzdem bleibt folgender, bitterer Nachgeschmack übrig: das Boosterpack kostet 10 Euro und die Neuerungen bzw. Verbesserungen hätte man ohne Probleme in einem KOSTENLOSEN Patch verstauen können.
Competent booster pack, easily the best so far in the Battlefield franchise. Contains practically no documentation either in the box, in-game or online.
FileFactory Games / Gameworld Network
As far as expansions go, Northern Strike isn’t anything out of the ordinary. A few new vehicles, customizations, maps, and one very interesting new scenario make for a bonus pack that should be interesting to existing Battlefield 2142 players, a must-buy for hardcore Battlefield 2142 players but nothing that would be more likely to tempt a new player to play the game. Overall Electronic Arts and DICE did a good job on Northern Strike, but its lack of any truly revolutionary changes make this expansion a good choice only for those who liked Battlefield 2142 already.
GameStar (Germany)
Northern Strike ist für mich der erste Booster Pack der Battlefield-Serie, der sich wirklich lohnt. Die Karten der Mini-Addons waren zwar schon immer sehr gut, aber nun kommt mit dem Kampf Speeder gegen Goliath deutlich mehr Abwechslung rein als zuvor. Die neuen Upgrades machen die Squads außerdem noch schlagkräftiger. In Northern Strike ist daher mehr los als im Basisspiel, und in Port Bavaria gibt's endlich mal wieder etwas, was ich seit Battlefield 2 vermisst habe: strahlenden Sonnenschein.
Game Captain
Northern Strike ist definitiv keine Mogelpackung, wie man erst hätte vermuten können. Die beiden neuen Fahrzeuge unterscheiden sich grundsätzlich und heben sich deutlich vom alten Fuhrpark ab. Die drei zusätzlichen Karten haben jeweils etwas Besonderes zu bieten und bringen frischen Wind in den Kampfalltag, was genauso für die zehn frischen Upgrades gilt, die sinnvoll sind und zudem auch im Hauptspiel ihre Verwendung finden. Der Assault Line-Modus ist hingegen nicht sonderlich einfallsreich und unterscheidet sich leider kaum von der alten Conquest-Variante. Dennoch waren knapp zehn Euro für ein Boosterpack schon schlechter angelegt und somit ist Northern Strike eine gute Wertanlage.
PC Games (Germany)
Battlefield 2142 gehört für mich auf jeden Fall unter die Top 5 der Online-Shooter. Bei erster Betrachtung mag der Umfang des ersten Booster Packs etwas mager wirken. Trotzdem sind die Neuerungen sinnvoll. In bisherigen Booster Packs unterschieden sich die Fahrzeuge allein durch Ihre Optik. Die neuen, parteiabhängigen Vehikel trennen die Fraktionen stärker voneinander und sorgen zudem für mehr taktische Möglichkeiten auf dem Schlachtfeld. Sammlernaturen stürzen sich aufgrund der neuen freischaltbaren Gegenstände und Auszeichnungen voller Freude in die Schlacht. Battlefield 2142-Vetranen kommen um dieses Booster Pack nicht herum. Trotzdem, liebe Entwickler, wünsche ich mir vom nächsten Booster-Häppchen ein stärkeres Sättigungsgefühl.
Concluding the philosophical "gewgaw", I'm ready to launch the basic question: what is Northern Strike? A success, if we measure it strictly for ego's sake. The gameplay received a small-scale impetus (enough from my point of view) through the slightly beefed-up rewarding system, while the new toys will keep the interest at bay for a limited period of time. But overall, it's still an attempt to evade to precisely given tasks - enough for us to think about the modders community which laid its dedication watermark upon a great number of titles, lately eclipsed by the demented interest of our gaming contemporaneity. A good reason for me to reserve my negative critics for future failures to come. No one knows precisely when EA will conceive a somewhat "mature" expansion, in which to invest all of the ideas harvested from its employees' washed-out brains.
Northern Strike serves as a small Battlefield 2142 booster, but it brings big game play enhancements. Although 3 maps, 2 vehicles and a new game mode might not sound like much, they enhance the already enjoyable experience. The maps, mainly centered on urban environments, keep up the pace of the game by establishing multiple choke points across the city landscapes. Things become especially intense when the diverse new vehicles come into play. However, the new Assault Lines puts the European Union forces at such a severe disadvantage that some players might be put off from playing it. However, the fast-paced and challenging gameplay is difficult to resist.
When you throw in the new medals and unlocks, the Northern Strike booster pack is a relatively inexpensive, must-have addition for anyone who likes to play Battlefield 2142 regularly. There's a lot of good content, and the new maps are some of the best yet for Battlefield 2142. The only thing we could wish for is some kind of graphical upgrade because the engine (based on 2005's Battlefield 2) is starting to look its age. And it's too bad that EA doesn't simply rely on the in-game advertising to offer this booster pack for free to the community. But at approximately $3.33 per new map, it's a reasonable price for the rich gameplay that you will find in the booster pack.
GameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands)
Heb je een fan van Battlefield (2142), dan is het heel simple: deze boosterpack moet je gewoon in huis halen. De extra content is misschien niet zo uitgebreid als je gewend bent van echte expansiepacks, maar je betaalt dan ook navenant. Het wordt misschien wel eens tijd om ook de graphics een nieuwe boost te geven.
games xtreme
Even though the game can annoy me, it has made improvements. The expansion pack gives nice new maps, especially because I myself like city maps. The new unlocks are nice too, and the new awards give fast access to normal unlocks I've had my eyes on for quite a while now. I sure enjoy playing Northern Strike. In short: the expansion pack is surely worth the money.
Eurogamer.net (UK)
Still, Northern Strike is a polished offering, a lot more than the token handful of stuff draped around the glinting trophy of new unlocks it could have been. It just about manages to reach the tiny no-man's land between patch content and full expansion pack. Bargain price or not though, there's no escaping that it offers a comparable amount of new stuff to what we've seen in free official or community updates for Unreal Tournaments and Quakes in days gone by. Instant online micropayments mean those days are all but gone now. Hang your head in rueful nostalgia, then ride a Goliath to victory.
Gameslave UK
Northern Strike can be quite easily summed up as three wonderfully crafted maps that are a bit on the large side for my liking, with a new game mode which certainly has the potential to be great fun on the right map; I don't feel any of the included three are that map though. They do however suit the two new vehicles quite well and that was perhaps the point. I always have and always will prefer infantry combat and that's why Northern Strike doesn't quite push all of my buttons, I'm glad I bought it though and would recommend it to any Battlefield 2142 fan.
It's not great (let's not get carried away), and we hate seeing an excellent online shooter receive only these meager content boosts (whatever happened to the proper expansions of old?). However, with three new maps, two new vehicles and one new game mode, Northern Strike is recommended for anybody who plays Battlefield 2142 with some degree of regularity.
Northern Strike levererar utan tvekan en hel del nya prylar och i kombination med de nya banorna har det absolut förmågan att hålla intresset uppe ett litet tag till. Jag tycker förvisso att man kunnat göra det än mer intressant genom förnyade spelsätt. Nu blir det dessvärre mest bara mer av samma sak vilket givetvis fungerar utmärkt om man inte redan spelat sig väldigt trött på originalet.
Ce mini add-on offre au jeu quelques moments forts et permet toujours de se mettre dans le bain très rapidement. Paradoxalement, alors qu'il est quasi exempt de réels défauts, Northern Strike ne réussit pas à améliorer Battlefield 2142, mais juste à le diversifier un peu. La « faute » en revient surtout à deux cartes ou aux véhicules qui n'arrivent pas à faire décoller l'ambiance. Comme si les développeurs avaient commencé à se lâcher puis avaient été arrêtés dans leur élan.