Battlefield 2142: Booster Pack - Northern Strike Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Northern Strike map #1 Liberation of Leipzig
Leipzig is a dark cold map with limited light visibility
Looking for inbound walker with Sudnik VP Anti-Vehicle weapon
L5 Riesig Battle walker trying to take the flag
Incoming Orbital Strike and the Battle walker is toast
Stalking the enemy T-39 Bogatyr Battle walker
Northern Strike map #2 Port Bavaria
Kit load prep before entering Port Bavaria
Taking flag with a L5 Riesig Battle walker and got hit by V5 EMP Grenade
Riding on the Hachimoto speeder using cannon to protect the A3 Goliath right - BF2142 in game advertising left
Spawning in on SLSB (Squad Lead Team Beacon) coming down in the landing pod
Driving the A3 Goliath trying to defend it against the enemy T-39 Bogatyr Battle walker
Still can't kill of the T-39 Bogatyr Battle walker
Northern Strike map #3 Bridge at Remagen
At Remagen going to snipe enemy infantry running to catch the A3 Goliath
Gunnery position on the L5 Riesig Battle walker suppressing the infantry
Blasting off armor plates on the A3 Goliath inbound to base with the stationary cannon Rosch Mk-S8
The A3 Goliath creeping into base must be stopped!