Written by  :  dreamstealer (146)
Written on  :  Apr 04, 2012
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars

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At least they tried.

The Good

  • Good visual effects, graphics and sound.
  • Decent story and voice acting.
  • Hints of Sci Fi.
  • Trademark Multiplayer.
  • Physics which includes destructible environments.

The Bad

  • Poor dialogues.
  • Modern shooter cliches like for e.g. Recharging health.
  • Short single player campaign.
  • Multiplayer player limited to 32 instead of 64.

The Bottom Line

I used to love the multiplayer focused Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2 back in the days. Large scale warfare, vehicles and 64 players on one map was something new and still hasn't really been done. Bad Company however brings a single player campaign and multiplayer more focused on console hardware, which means limitations. Bad Company 2 is the first Bad Company version to be multi-platform and available for Windows. I decided to borrow this one as I knew the campaign will be a 4 hour game max and lack enough time for multiplayer.

BC2's campaign revolves around a semi sci-fi plot about a scalar weapon being produced by the Japanese during WW2. In the present day, four U.S Soldiers are assigned to recover a similar weapon being produced by the Russians. Well the Science fiction is a welcome change in the generic military shooter genre...which is not Crysis.

BC2 starts out in the WW2 where you're playing a flashback of Project Aurora. It's like playing a cutscene with shooting enabled. Then after that chapter it cuts to the present day, where you play Marlowe Preston. Game gets fun at around chapter 3. Some of the challenges bring a rather entertaining experience and mixes well with the shooter formula. Example? The mission where you need to descend a snowy hill with extreme weather conditions and blow up barrels or find a fireplace to prevent freezing to death. The generic shooter gameplay is spiced up with more similar challenges and vehicle driving. Yep it's plagued by modern shooter cliches too like recharging health, annoying zoomed in field of view and Hidden Briefcase mode (in the form of destroying some console panel) .

If you can get past the cringe worthy dialogues you will probably give a fuck about the 4 main characters or you will appreciate the fact that the developers at least tried to make you care. Well they did do a good job with the Graphics and sound, don't want to forget the destructible environments.

Worth buying only for the multiplayer. Rent or borrow if the single player is what you're after as it's nothing more than 6 hours max. This isn't a great game but a quick decent ride. Thankfully this isn't a yearly release like CODicks.