Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Multiplayer Loading Screen
Protecting the American flag - the main task of every soldier.
Choose your class and weapon-loadout.
My team won!
Controlling a drone to find and mark enemies.
It's gonna blow!
Shooting people in the back or the side is the best way to kill someone.
The bomb has been planted!
The round is finished, time to count the experience points.
Guess what happens to those two guards in a second.
Driving around in a vehicle shooting stuff - how original...
A Japanese U-Boat - at least that's what they say. But there are so many thinks so totally wrong on this picture...
Driving a Russian tank with a rather primitive HUD.
That guy killed me. REMEMBER HIS NAME!
Yay, the guys are back!
Just like in a shooting gallery.
Realistic physics - are not part of this game.
Already found all collectables and M-Com Stations - now I just need to finish the mission.
Prepare for all hell breaking loose in 3...2...1...
In single player you can change your weapons load-out at supply drop points.
I loooove sniper rifles...
Options for Single Player
Single Player mission start
Early morning after bombing - squad ahead - Kodak shot
Squad crossing foot bridge to rally point
Picked up RPG to destroy hut with enemy gunner - Any thing can be destroyed with new BC2 engine
Taking 4 wheelers down a dirt road to next camp
Squad ahead - must hit that foot bridge just right or.... uh oh!
Pen down by enemy in lookout tower... didn't notice the explosive crates (red boxes)!
NOW I NOTICED THEM! Almost killed me... got a med pack to heal up!
Boxes gone he keeps down for a shot. I prep the 40mm Grenade Launcher!
BOOM! He is dispatched!
They try to ram the Hind - I open up with the 30mm canon and explode the vehicle
Booyah! Nothing left but a few tires rolling by!
Enemy attacking with Hind chopper - Opening up with the 7.62mm M134 Minigun
Using the 7.62mm M134 Minigun on ground targets chasing us
Enemy in watch towers with rockets - incoming!
Lighting up any watch tower I see - another rocket... incoming!
A enemy Hind gets way to close - chewing him up with the Minigun!
Jump to the other side Minigun - tail destroyed ... his engine now on fire!
BOOM! The enemy Hind explodes!
Now they bring mortars - smoke trail upper right
Lands just short destroying most of the house in front of me - that was close
Squad a little dazed as the house crumbles
Mortar round lands right in front of me - killing me instantly!