Battlefield Vietnam Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Operation "Flaming Dart" briefing screen
You can select your spawn point each time you died
Starting on an island, a F4 Phantom is a good option to reach the front lines
Flying the F4 Phantom over the enemy lines
A troops transport carrying the forces to the front
AH1 Cobra, one of the helicopters you can fly on the game
Flying the AH1 Cobra over the enemy base
Reaching the front using a boat
Taking the enemy flag
Moving fast to another enemy base
A enemy tank block us, is time to act!
Firing from the stolen enemy tank
The safe way to move from one base to another, the tanks !
Reaching the enemy airfield
A couple of Migs without guards! time to fly !
Taking off directly from the hangar in a enemy Mig
"Cambodian incursion" Mission briefing screen
Moving a big artillery piece to the front lines
Good spot to start firing and create a fire wall while our troops clear the area
Moving at night in the jungle, under enemy fire
Using the binoculars you can alert your troops
Using the grenade launcher mounted on my weapon against a enemy tank
Allied forces moving to the next spot
Firing from a tank
After each battle you get the statistics results
"Operation Irving" Mission briefing screen
Troops leaving the airfield
Outside view while piloting a helicopter
On the second position, you can use the helicopter gun and rockets
A enemy tank defending the bridge
A good solution, reach the other side using a Sampan
Air support over the enemy village
"Quang Tri 1968" Mission briefing screen
This time you need to combat on the streets
Reloading the weapons after a furious attack
Regrouping forces before the final assault