Battles of the Outer Rim Credits


PresidentDouglas S. Bennett
PublisherStacey L. Hiquet
ProducerSteven M. Schafer
Marketing ManagerAngela Nelis
Project ManagerDeborah Edwards, Don Gronlund
Software SpecialistDavid Carson
ReviewersMichael Donohoe, Lonnie Smith, Rob Robbins
RealmX Web Product ManagerBenjamin Milstead
Media Relations ManagerJeanine Connolly
Design ManagerRobin Lasek
DesignersTim Amrhein, Jason Grisham
Manager, User ServicesBrandon Penticuff
National Account ManagersSherry Heller, Jennifer Neel, Lana Sheffield, Karen Margolis, Jill Prickett, Susan Sloan
Account ManagerAnne Scalise
Director of SalesRich Roberts, John Pencsak
Special Thankseveryone at Activision for their help with this product, Philippe Erwin, Thaine Lyman, Michael Radiloff, John Heinecke, Joseph Donaldson, David Osper, Matthew Paul

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69553)