Battlestations: Pacific Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main Menu
Loading Screen
Nice fleet I've got there.
My ship is badly damaged. In this menu I decide what to repair first.
On this map the commander gives his orders or jumps into a different unit.
Flying a bomber and looking for a good dropspot for a squadron of infantry soldiers.
Attacking a squadron of bombers from behind.
I lost a wing and have to jump into a different unit.
Dropped the bomb and flying away.
Don't try this in real-life captains!
The mission briefing screen.
As you progress through the game you unlock new units.
The cutscenes use ingame graphics distorted with a (deactivatable) film grain.
Attacking American airplanes at Pearl Harbor.
Dogfights are an important part of the game.
That Japanese dreadnought is going down!
Using the AA-artillery to destroy the incoming torpedo bombers.
The Japanese I-156, a Kaidai class submarine
The US destroyers and submarines are defeated, that supply convoy is an easy target now.
Our G4M bomber is under heavy AA fire.
Dogfight between two reconnaissance seaplanes