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Battlezone II: Combat Commander (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

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...a FPS and an RTS? In the SAME GAME? Dr.Bedlam (53) unrated

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Category Description MobyScore
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.4
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.4
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Overall MobyScore (19 votes) 4.0

The Press Says

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90 (UK)
I wasn't at all impressed with the original remake of Battlezone, released back in 1998. I felt at the time that it was nothing more than an extravagant demo for 3D graphics technology with no soul. But I must say I am pleasantly surprised by Battlezone 2, which oozes atmosphere and looks superb. Mission variety and difficulty is nicely balanced, providing hours of solid playtime, and the interface is also very easy to manipulate and manage.
Battlezone II is destined to be one of the best titles released this year in either the action or strategy category. It is fast, furious, beautiful, and a ball to play. Let's hope they iron out the last remaining bugs so that BZ2 can earn its place in the world of online gaming.
RealGamer (Benelux)
Battlezone 2 is een heel goed spel. De verschillende eenheden en planeten zijn mooi gemaakt en afwisselend. Enige minpunt is de besturing die minder direct en precies is dan bij andere first person spellen, maar dit went snel. De gelikte graphics en het goede geluid maken Battlezone tot een spel dat nog lang op mijn HD zal blijven stan. Het is een heel goede combinatie van FPS en strategie. De interface waarmee je opdrachten geeft is goed doordacht en gemakkelijk te gebruiken.
GameStar (Germany)
Bis vor gut eineinhalb Jahren waren Echtzeit-Strategiespiele strikt auf die Vogelperspektive beschränkt, 3D-Grafik war das Metier der Action-Ballereien. Danach mixte Incoming viel Action mit etwas Taktik. Doch erst Battlezone wagte den finalen Tabubruch: Sie kommandieren Ihre Truppen und errichten eine Basis (echte Strategie), während Sie einen Raumgleiter aus der Ich-Perspektive über Planetenoberflächen steuerten (Action pur). Das Konzept ging auf, Battlezone schuf das Genre der 3D-Strategie und kassierte Höchstwertungen, blieb aber kommerziell wenig erfolgreich. Jetzt schickt Activision das Spiel in die zweite Runde. Der wichtigste Köder für Einsteiger: Die ersten zehn Missionen führen Sie behutsam in die komplexe Steuerung ein, erst nach und nach übernehmen Sie mehr Verantwortung.
PC Player (Germany)
Ein Monat voller Spitzentitel, aber dieses Meisterwerk steht ganz oben! Sicher, Battlezone wird die Gemüter spalten. Ohne flotte Reaktionen ist es nicht zu meistern, doch viele Freunde geradliniger Action werden vor der Komplexität kapitulieren. Dabei macht gerade diese Mischung den besonderen Spaß von Battlezone aus.
Power Unlimited
Met een vette PC en een beetje open mind kun je aan deze game erg veel fun beleven. Battlezone II ziet er strak uit, heeft tonnen gameplay en is beter gedoseerd: minder micromanagement en meer vrijheid voor de gamer. Indrukwekkend!
Nur Action bringt Satisfaction. "Battlezone 2" fordert eher den heißen Trigger-Finger als das kühle Denkerhirn. Anfänger werden zwar sanft eingeführt, bekommen aber vom dem saftigen Schwierigkeitsgrad gleich wieder eins auf die Finger. Profis ärgern sich über die simpel gestrickte Computer-Intelligenz. Dennoch: Hier ist man mittendrin statt nur dabei - und das tröstet über die Mankos hinweg.
PC Zone
Despite all these niggly little criticisms, we definitely reckon there's a place for Battlezone 2 in your collection. If you're bored with bog-standard shooters, this one gives you enough to pretend you're actually doing something that takes a lot of brains. You're not, but then who gives a stuff? The strategy element of BZ2 is as good as you can expect from a hybrid game like this, the action (when you're in your vehicle) is furious, at times relentless and hugely satisfying, and the AI is just about spot on. We can't help thinking there's something missing, but we still hope it shifts enough copies to put the same amount of effort into Battlezone 3, because the concept seems to be getting better all the time.
PC Games (Germany)
Wem Battlezone zu kompliziert war, der kann nun aufatmen. Zirka dreißig actionreiche Missionen lang wird man in die Prinzipien des Basisbaus und des Truppenmanagements eingeführt, auch die Bedienung wurde drastisch vereinfacht. Wer aber eben die Komplexität des Vorgängers schätzte, könnte von Battlezone 2 enttäuscht sein: Nur in den Mehrspielermissionen und einigen Einzelspielermissionen erreicht das Spiel alte Qualitäten. Dennoch ist das Spiel eine geniale Mischung aus intelligenter Action und Echtzeitstrategie und kann mit einer überraschenden Hintergrundgeschichte und abwechslungsreichen Missionen begeistern.
Game Captain
Battlezone 2 ist ein leicht zugängliches ActionStrategie-Spiel, mit dem Anfänger und auch Profis Spaß haben können. Wer zudem auch noch die passende Hardware hat, und die Details auf Maximum stellen kann, wird mit einer prächtigen Grafik belohnt.
Game Over Online
To wrap it all up, Battlezone 2 is like the original, with better graphics, a small dose of crap additions, a small dose of good additions, an overall attempt to perhaps simplify this game and make it accessible to the less intelligent gamer, taking the edge off some of the radical maneuvers that could be preformed in the original Battlezone which really, is very disappointing for me. Now this whole review has been whining about all the bad points, but since it's a sequel, I cannot recap on all the good points that the core of this game possesses, they were discussed in the review of the original (I hope). It's an enjoyable game, but blunting all the radical features means this game doesn't score anything radical either, I pray for perhaps the original Battlezone to simply be updated with nicer graphics and a few minor tweaks, its simply too hard to try and add more good features to the great game that was "Battlezone".
Svenska PC Gamer
BattleZone har ändrats från ett suveränt action och strategispel till ett bra actionspel. Strategidelen har bantats ner ordentligt och de som vill ha mycket av detta får nöja sig med multiplay-uppdragen. Med detta vill jag inte påstå att spelet är dåligt. Det är bara inte lika bra som originalet. Föregångaren är svår att slå med tanke på den spännande handlingen och spänningarna mellan USA och Sovjet. Att kämpa mot rymdvarelser får vi ju göra i nästan alla actionspel. Jag förutspår dock att spelet kommer att sälja många gånger bättre än originalet och jag rekommenderar det till alla, som vill ha spänning och mycket att skjuta på.
PC Gameplay (Benelux)
Het is verslavend en uitgebreid, alleen is het jammer dat de zwakke AI wat roet in het eten strooit! Dit neemt niet weg dat het zeker een aanrader is voor gamers met een stevig systeem die van een origineel spel vol verrassingen houden.
games xtreme
The first Battlezone was one of those games that didn't get as much attention as it deserved, weather as a result of bad marketing or something else, but Battlezone II, which was rightfully advertised, failed to meet our achievements. Though a simply fun game to play, this game put way too much effort into graphics, and certain gameplay elements were not counted for. Single player is foreshadowed by an amazing multiplayer, and this game simply becomes "boring" (lack of a better word) after a period of playing. Comparing today's game standards to those that existed when the first BZ was released, BZ2 did not meet it's expectations, but maybe this was because we expected too much from it.
Computer Gaming World (CGW)
Despite its shortcomings, BATTLEZONE II is a great game. Fans of single-player gaming will find a lot to like in the campaign, and multiplayer matches are a blast if you have a local LAN or the patch. My advice to you is this: It you like building bases and blowing things up, be sure to check out BATTLEZONE II. I think you’ll be very happy with the results.
Spel för Alla
Battlezone II är en av vinterns stora titlar som klarar av att axla manteln efter sin storsäljande föregångare. Låt vara att det är lite väl likt första delen, det är fortfarande ett bra och annorlunda spel som inte misslyckas med att göra en blandning av två bra genrer som action och strategi.
incite PC Gaming
A very well-rounded game with unique gameplay, a strong story, and top-notch special effects.
All Game Guide
Battlezone II: Combat Commander is highly recommended both for fans of the original and new players to the space genre. But do play this on a PC with a fast processor and a good 8MB minimum, 3D enhanced graphics card to get the full effect of the experience.
Et... Blam ! Revoici l'armée Américaine plus déchaînée que jamais... Il faut dire que lorsque l'on lui détruit un avant-poste entier, on a le droit d'entrer en guerre. Et ici, c'est une guerre contre une intelligence artificielle à pleurer et une alliance avec des graphismes et un scénario sublimes.
Battlezone II is a good game, but only for the same reasons that Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun and Freespace 2 were good. It is essentially the original Battlezone with a few improvements to the graphics engine and more vehicles to choose from. Since Battlezone itself was an amazing game for its time, I cannot fault Pandemic Studios (much) for going with a tried and tested favorite, rather than innovating the genre. My advice? Play, don’t pay. In the end, Battlezone II is not much more than a glorified expansion pack with a story that really didn’t grip me or even bring me closer into the universe of Battlezone.
PC Accelerator
For all the problems in the game, Battlezone 2 is still an entertaining, distinctive piece of work, but it was clearly rushed to the shelves, forcing gamers to rely once again on the promise of a patch to make the game that it should already be.
GamePro (US)
All things considered, the game is still uniquely entertaining. There's simply so much ambition in its perspective and level design that bugs are attracted by its very nature. And for that, some credit should be given for the epic scope BattleZone 2 manages to convey. With that acknowledged, what a lovable game, what a troubled game.
Battlezone 2 really did a great job in implementing the interface and combat controls, to create an almost seamless command of the base and your ship. The single player modes do not provide much entertainment, but it provides a decent learning ground for later multi-player battles. The AI could have been better as well, but future patches will remedy these problems. Where BZ2 excels is its unique gameplay. If strategy is something you would really like to combine with a good shoot 'em up then you can't go wrong with this game. Graphics are superb, although they require a very good system to run them with all the bells and whistles. The area where this game goes wrong is in all the errors it has shipped with. If the game had shipped with more stable code, and maybe a more open ended single player campaign, we would have given the game a much better score - maybe in the upper 70s or even the low 80s.
Privat Computer PC
Battlezone II mangler den hemmelige ingrediens, der gør at god lyd, eminent grafik og en pinlig tynd historie smelter sammen og går op i en højere enhed. For det lykkes faktisk for mange, men ikke for Activision med Battlezone II.
Game Revolution
Sometimes in America, the public simply does something abhorrent. The most current example of this would be the massive support, at present time, of presidential candidate George W. Bush (a man who has nothing to recommend him besides good taste in cocaine). Two years ago, the example was the critically huddled masses' response to Battlezone, one of the most innovative and enjoyable action strategy games ever produced. Simply put, they didn't buy it, literally. Rave reviews, awards, and other accolades aside, Battlezone was not a commercial success.
Ultimately, by trying to appeal to some mythical mass market, the designers have neutralized the fast pacing and complex mechanics that made the first game so much fun. As a result, Battlezone II seems completely generic. Its missions are short and easy and are filled with scripted events and plot points, but the missions don't actually let you make any interesting decisions. There are brief flashes in which the old Battlezone shines through, but you'll have to be patient to find them.
Absolute Games (
Мораль такова. Pandemic Studios, в попытке прогнуться под “не врубившуюся” в первую часть публику, сотворила абсолютно неинтересную поделку. Отличная атмосфера первого Battlezone была успешно загублена дружным отрядом девелоперов, возжелавших денег и славы. Перестав быть стратегией, игра еще не стала экшеном, зависнув в пустоте за пределами Солнечной системы.
Une suite améliorée graphiquement, c'est certain. Mais tout le côté novateur et frais du premier épisode s'est envolé pour laisser la place à un jeu pas ou peu testé. Un beau jeu creux en somme.
Electric Games
In the end, Battlezone II is a mass-market makeover of a great game. Unfortunately, by dumbing down the gameplay it is not the same experience as Battlezone - which is a far better game despite what sales figures say. This game is a shooter for the most part during the first half of the campaign, then a "see who can build things faster" strategy game for the second half. The delicate blend of genres is gone, leaving a mediocre game to succeed what was originally a real gem. Bottom Line: Fantastic graphics and sound, although it will take more system than most people have to really appreciate all the details. Hackneyed plot, weak AI, dumbed-down gameplay from the original. Not a total washout, but not nearly as good as the first game.
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
If Activision and Pandemic's goal was to make the Battlezone series more accessible and simpler in execution and delivery, they've succeeded. But at what cost? Bringing back the shaky truce of the USA and USSR was a good idea, but throwing it together with the overused unknown alien threat scenario was a poor decision. The sheer beauty of the scenery and atmosphere will be enough to lure some players, but they should be aware of a few things: The gameplay and artificial intelligence are completely superficial, and while the graphics are pristine, they are unoptimized for even today's higher end machines. Battlezone II: Combat Commander is a testament to the fact that it's sometimes more important to developers and publishers to target a wider audience than it is for them to produce a high quality title.