Written by  :  Dr.Bedlam (56)
Written on  :  Dec 12, 2002

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...a FPS and an RTS? In the SAME GAME?

The Good

...and that's what it is. Imagine something like Starcraft, for example... a real-time strategy game that involves locating resources, setting up installations to use those resources and crank out units, all while defending your installations from a relentless alien enemy. Well, that's what you'll do in Battlezone II.

...but wait. Instead of the overhead or isometric view we're all used to from Starcraft, Warcraft, or Age Of Empires... you play THIS game from the point of view of ONE OF YOUR UNITS... and if the "you" unit is killed, that's it, game over! Meanwhile, you run frantically around, directing units and installations from ON THE GROUND, rather than the usual godlike overhead perspective (although you do have a mini-map to work with). A nice addition is the fact that when you climb into various vehicles, you become that new vehicular unit, and you'll be operating a variety of vehicles in the course of the game...

The Bad

It's a strange mix, and while at times it was wonderfully fun, at other times it was mindbogglingly frustrating. What, those idiot troops of mine can't hold the frackin' base while I'm supposed to be out here, sniping at aliens? Trying to be everywhere at once with an overhead perspective is WAY easier than trying to be everywhere at once when you have to run your little legs off all over the battlefield...

The Bottom Line

It's fun. It's interesting. It's frustrating at times. It's available now at bargain prices, so go and see for yourself...