BBC Battlefield Academy Credits

Slitherine Software

Technical DirectorPhilip Veale
Creative DirectorRichard Evans
Development DirectorIain McNeil
Business ManagementJ. D. McNeil
Marketing DirectorMarco A. Minoli
Web ManagerAndrea Nicola
QAChristian Bassani, Robbie Shaw
ComposerAlessandro Ponti

Matrix Games

InstallersErik Rutins, Andrew Loveridge

Lordz Games Studio

CEOTim van der Moer
Scenario DesignLukas Nijsten

Additional Credits

Historical AdvisorJohn Buckley (Professor)
Special Thanks toall the beta testers who help to make this a great game. There are too many to mention here. We really apprectiate all the time you spent playing the game and reporting bugs.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (163889)