Beanotown Racing Credits


ArtWilliam Hazle, Joules Jardine, Simon Lamb, Kenny Mitchell
DesignWilliam Hazle, Joules Jardine, Simon Lamb, Kenny Mitchell
ProgrammingPhil Brumby, Michael Dailly, Mark Green
AudioAlan Moore
Technical ManagerMichael Dailly
Programming DirectorMark Green
Creative ManagerJohn Harrison
Product DevelopmentJohn Harrison
CEOMark Ettle
Office ManagerPenny Malcolm
Special Thanks ToThe Beano And Dandy Teams!, Graeme Young, Dennis The Menace, Roger The Dodger, Minnie The Minx, Bea, Korky The Cat, Bananaman, Desperate Dan, Brain Duane, Plug, Gnasher, Renderware, Carolyn

D.C. Thompson

Beano EditorEuan Kerr
Dandy EditorMorris Heggie
Licensing & Foreign Rights ManagerMartin Lindsay

Zoo Digital

Production DirectorPeter Dalton
Sales DirectorBarry Hatch
Marketing ManagerKate Lee
QAElaine Green

D.C. Thompson

Beano Brand LicensingPeter Clark

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Credits for this game were contributed by piltdown_man (151324)