Beanotown Racing Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Load screen
Game settings. Controls are not configurable within the game. There's a separate program for that. The default resolution is 800 x 600. In this screen I changed it to 1024 x 768 which is the max
Main menu I
Each character has different performance characteristics
Some characters, Desperate Dan, Brain, Bananaman, & Gnasher are locked
Track selection. "Wild in the Country", "Bash Street Burn Up" is open Street Streak, Dandy Dash, Wild West Test, & Haunted Castle are locked
Racing as "Minnie The Minx"
I tended to go a bit off-track with Minnie. I'm usually better than this
Other players leave hazards like mouse traps, and stinky gas. I hit a banana and then hit the wall
I hit a patch od stinky gas too
I have a cow pie to fire at someone
Race Over. I'm at the bottom deliberately
Racing again as Rodger, note the different performance characteristics
Roger drives a different car. Its a different track too - this one goes through the school. Roger has a lightning zapper ready to fire
Picked up a power boost just before the sharp left hand turn down the stairs and through the gym