Beast Wars: Transformers Credits

Sony Development Team

Lead ProgrammerAlan McCarthy
ProgrammersTameem Antoniades, Iain Brown, Michael Edie, Mike Ball, Tim Closs, Julian Rex
Programming SupportMark Stamps
Game DesignJames Shepherd, Tameem Antoniades, Alan McCarthy
Mapping TeamGareth Hughes, James Shepherd, Pete Giles, Mark Ashton
Lead ArtistJames Shepherd
ArtistsAlan Brand, Ben Levitt, Pete Giles, Robin Chapman, Colin Galloway, Mitch Phillips
ProducerAndrew Kennedy
Studio DirectorIan Saunter
AV ManagerPeter Murphy
MusicAndrew Barnabas, Paul Arnold, Peter Murphy, Keef Baker
Sound EffectsPaul Arnold
Video Sequences Editing and Post ProductionTom Oswald
Lead TesterDan Smith
QA SupervisorSarah Lloyd
Additional TestingJoe Pearce, Barry O'Sullivan, Stuart Harvey, Nick Double, Alex Sulman
Technologies Group ManagerMike Ball
Project LeaderDean Ashton
Mapping and Conversion TechnologiesAndrew Ostler, Matt Johnson
Animation TechnologiesIan Elsley
IT ManagerSteve Loughran
IT AssistantDean Miller

Hasbro Interactive

ProducerAndrei Nadin
Assisting ProducersRoger Cheung, Chris Down
US ProducersMichael S. Glosecki, Thomas J. Zahorik
Lead TesterNeall Campbell
Creative ServicesSteve Webster, Elizabeth Mackney, Jennifer Brackett, Samantha Parker
QA ManagersRoger Carpenter, Michael Craighead
Additional TestingRichard Alexander, Stuart Thody, Christine Fisher, Yaw Diabah, Thomas Allen
HI Management TeamThomas Dusenberry, Barry Jafrato, Kevin Buckner, Clive Robert, Tony Parks, Kevin Gillespie
Worldwide MarketingGary Carlin, Mary Miller, Debbie Shlens, Torsten Oppermann, Jean-Michel Coletti, Olivier Salomon, Liz Morgan, Thomas Jaepel

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Credits for this game were contributed by Ghar (1132)