Beetle Crazy Cup Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's main menu. All the pictures are animated. The menu can be navigated and used by the keyboard, note the highlighted letters. Here the game options are about to be explored
There are controls to change display, sound and controller. Here the action keys can be reconfigured and the game can be changed to be played from a gamepad
The game has a Beetle challenge cup and a Championship mode as well as just five kinds of race
Naturally before racing for the first time a player must enter their name
This is the car selection screen at the start of the Monster Beetle time challenge
Before the challenge begins the camera flies around the stadium giving the player an idea whatthey're up against. This race consists of 2 laps to be completed in 3m:15s
The countdown before the Monster time challenge
There are cars to climb over....
... and ramps to jump.
However the allotted time soon goes as there are penalties for hitting any of the poles or bollards placed around the track. This is the usual outcome.
This is the car selection screen at the start of the 'Cross' event.
The shape of the course is how the Cross event gets its name.
The countdown to the start of the Cross race and the other cars have already started.
This is not a 'no contact' sport. Cars frequently collide.
The end of the race.
There's a replay option on the main menu. This is a selection of recorded races waiting to be replayed.
A shot from the replay of the buggy race. At last it's something that does not involve mud.
A close up of a buggy in action. The 'R' in the top left shows that this is another shot from a race replay.
A shot from a replay of the Beetle Jump. This is an event where the beetle races round the track and just before a great big ramp the nitro boost is engaged.
A shot from a replay of the Speed event. These cars look the most like traditional Beetles.