Written by  :  POMAH (48953)
Written on  :  Aug 28, 2008
Rating  :  3.67 Stars3.67 Stars3.67 Stars3.67 Stars3.67 Stars

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Disappointing paranormal plot with good music and funny designer's commentary

The Good

First of all, the most expected item is a voice-overs presence. After voiced Deluxe edition of 1st case, which I've played first, I've played all other cases, but no voice-overs were there. Another twist is a designer's commentary. They are funny and lets player understand some behind-the-scenes and historical events connected with the game production. And the last thing is a music. It is good, but not perfect.

The Bad

The game was expected during a long period of time, and thanks to Francisco and all other involved, they tried to do their best, but... The game lacks greatly of suspense, horror, and something that was present in most of previous cases. The one of the final scenes with murder is a shock, but not a horror or even thriller. The game ending was planned as bad, but even it does not help overall game's environment. When I've played 3rd case and 4th one and 5th one partially, I was scared. The best case, I'm sure, is a 3rd case. What paranormal is in this case? Nothing. Except the Demon theme, but where is the demon itself? How such creature possessed Alessandro ("killer") and killed Vincenzo instead of Ben? Nothing is clear. Nothing at all. Maybe I've expected too much, but Francisco has created great plot previously. But I'm giving many thanks to him and all others for the efforts, anyway.

Also puzzles with grandpa's portrait and cross's box are too difficult to solve. The latter one is almost not solvable and tries to read the Handbook to get some clues also mix the things up more. It is really not clear for me, why is Fountain of Youth is missed and angel or Philosopher's Stone are not missed?

The Bottom Line

This part is made for Ben Jordan's fans, for sure. The game is not stand-alone, and if you played all the previous cases, you should play this case and wait non-determined time (if you played it in the time of its release) for the last case. The game is good, characters are memorable, but something is missed. Maybe time will help in the next (last?) case? Thanks, Francisco, anyway!!!