Beneath a Steel Sky Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

A shot of our hero, Foster.
There's trouble brewing in the Gap.
Start of the game.
The menu.
Accessing the inventory.
Close call !
I think this building has been passed over for safety inspections one too many times.
Joey seems displeased with his new shell.
Questioning Hobbins.
Officer Reich has got me trapped in the furnace.
But the security camera blasted him in half ! Yuck.
The helicopter wreckage.
Gilbert Lamb, the manager of the pipe factory, talking about his coat.
That's sick !
I think you know the answer.
Joey gets a new shell.
In the power plant.
Out on the catwalk.
On the residential level.
A apartment complex.
Inside Reich's apartment.
At Burke's Bio Surgery.
That must be one disturbing brochure.
A filthy lobby.
At the travel agency.
The doctor has some questionable payment practices.
Anchor Insurance.
How stupid ?
Yup. That stupid.
Inside security headquarters.
Poor Joey.
Talking to Babs in a seedy bar.
I think we know the reason why he doesn't like to take off his coat.
About to enter the reactor.
Anita's hologram message.
Into the subway...
A dangerous passageway.
Crazy Walter the android.
Cyberspace gets trippy !