Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
From the intro.
Choose the first soldier you will bet against.
Purchase armour and guns. Lots of guns.
Finally, pick up to two mercenary teammates.
The Drill Sergeant runs you through the tutorial...
Pay to get ammo and repairs. These stations are found throughout the levels.
Nolan Daneworth. Yep, that's you. Smile for the viewers.
The countdown to the duel has begun. You then have a minute to win (or lose).
Load menu. You can only save by paying in save stations during missions.
You've been gassed! It's impossible to aim and hard to move.
Choose your next mission.
A shotgun in the face never fails to make a point.
The cheapest sniper rifle lacks even a scope. The green figure indicates the target's health.
While ducking and staying still the crosshair narrows, showing improved accuracy.
The view is significantly better with an advanced rifle.
The game engine renders environments quite well.
A repair (and resupply) station.
Welcome to the Show.
You will come up against mechs called exoskeletons or "exos" in B.O.S. Shoot their backs.
Class selection in multiplayer mode.