Beyond Divinity Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen and main menu
A scene during the Intro
Setting up your character. The Death Knight is handled in a similar fashion
You start imprisoned in this huge dungeon. You'll spend the entire Act 1 trying to escape
Character sheet stays at top right, while the area map can be turned on or off
Inventory is arranged by type. You can arrange it within each section
Trophies tell you # of kills plus strengths and weaknesses of your enemies
Viewing the full area map on which you can add "flags" with notes
Entrances to the Battlefield dungeons must be unlocked with keys found in the main game
Level Up! Now you can assign attribute & skill points. Also notice the big key. Click on it to unlock a Battlefield area
Finally out of the Citadel and a Demon makes an appearance
There's a bit of blood and gore post battle
You can finally get the AssemPled Crystal (misspellings are common throughout the game)
The Lightning Spell is pretty cool, even when someone is hitting You with it
Fireball looks insignificant but does a fair amount of damage. The potions are ready to be drunk by either character in the drop-down box.
You're surrounded! RUN!
Lego-world in an imp's dream
The exotic imp village. You can choose to slaughter an innocent imp amidst mutant mushrooms while weird fishes stare at disbelief
You can find all sorts of written materials around. This is a recipe the imp chieftain apparently values
Skill development screen. Note the detailed options for advancement
Certain characters will train you if you talk to them. But can we trust this necromancer?..
You mean, right here? With this SKULL?..
DeathKnight often provides comic relief, like in this conversation with a cruel paladin
Trading interface
You went melee on this archer, but a wizard casts magic on you off-screen. Meanwhile, a mutant approaches
Solve riddles asked by the demon Asmodeus. I always liked intellectual challenges
Teleporters, teleporters everywhere...
Visiting a magical Academy. Lots of humorous texts in this game
Another day, another Battlefield - this time, in a rocky area, with strange merchants wandering...