Big Mutha Truckers 2 Credits

For Eutechnyx

Executive ProducerDave Thompson
Project ManagerPeter Davies
Programming ManagerAndrew Perella
Technology ManagerMark McClumpha
Creative ManagerMark Barton
Internal Audit ManagerJon Murray
Lead DesignerKevin Shaw
Managing DirectorBrian Jobling
Director of Business DevelopmentDarren Jobling
Marketing DirectorPaul Jobling
ProducerRichard Baxter
Lead ProgrammerJohn Dye
Programming TeamMatthew Bennett, Andy Buck, Ben Clark, Lee Clark, Chris Cummings, Karl Douglass, Caleb Leeke, David Hawes, Dinesh Kumar, Frank Mingbo Li, Craig McHugh, Dale Norton, Darryn Robson, Joe Stevens, Tim Stephenson, Steven Stewart, Richard Whitehead, Nathan Whitaker
Graphics TeamChris Brown, Jon Bursey, Jonathan Chater, Malcolm Chater, Richard Coates, Lee Doyle, Oliver Gainford, Joe Ells, Phil Higgs, Joseph Hope, Terry Jackson, Neil Massam, Rachel McClumpha, Sam Neale, Christopher M. Owens, James Palmer, Stuart Thorniley, Anthony Thornton, Stan Ward, Richard Wearmouth, Paul Davidson, Alan Kwok
Set UpGraham James, James McCreadie, Stuart Barnett
Internal AuditGreg Loscombe, Sam Zaroug
Additional GraphicsSide City Studios, Interserv, Mere Mortals, Onisoft
Sound EngineerKarl Douglass
Script WritingKevin Shaw
IT SupportMarc Schuszler (Kheops)
In‑House QAAndreas Firnigl, Jonathan Urwin
Special ThanksAmanda Jobling, Arwen Duddington, Gordon Hempton, Michael Evans, Rosemary Temple, Tina Fiddes
Introduction Sequence21st Century Media

Sound and Voice Production

Voiceover DirectorsPaul Jobling, Kevin Shaw
Recording StudiosAdrian Sear, Peter Watts, Soundtracks Studios, London, Sharon Dennis, Metro Radio, Newcastle‑upon‑Tyne
Sound EffectsTim Haywood, Spam Ltd, Middlesborough, Alan Steward,
Additional Script WritingLorelei King, Nick Stanley, Lela Bergeron (as Lela B)
Voice TalentLorelei King, Barbara Barnes, Lela Bergeron (as Lela B), Liza Ross, Tom Clarke-Hill, Kerry Shale, Bradley Lavelle, Jules de Jongh, Vincent Marzello, Rupert Degas, Martin T. Sherman, Mark Caven, Nathan Osgood, Ian Porter

Mere Mortals

Programming TeamMartin Elliot, Tony Carter
Art TeamIsabel Foster, David Tailford, Michael Stockton

Empire Interactive

Senior ProducerVince Farquharson
QA ManagerDavid Cleaveley
Assistant QA ManagerSteven Frazer
QA Lead TesterMark Jones
QA TestersDarren T. Bennett, Phillip Octave, Clifford Ramsey, Vernon Richards, Wayne P. Gardner
Group Development DirectorDavid M. Pringle (Dr.)
Head of Future ProductsRoger Cheung
UK Marketing ManagerPaul Benjamin
European Product ManagerMark Cook
PR1‑UP Media, Doug Johns, Nice Promotions, Adam Hartley
Operations ManagerAnthony J. Bond Jr.
Studio ManagerJayshree Mistry
Localisation ManagerJayshree Mistry
StudioAndrew Philp
Empire EuropePhilippe Dao, Barbara Allart (France), Laura Maestri (Italy), Stephanie Müller, Marc Wardenga (Germany), Alison Ryan (Spain)
Empire USAJames Lamorticelli, Tadasu Hasegawa, Yuko Hayashi


Main Theme, F. Twain (Lyrics), Adam Brown (Vocals), John R. Softley (Banjo)

Licensed Music

Music SupervisorsAndroo Mitchell, Mark Wheadon, Soundtrax Music Services Inc.,


"All Right Now"Andy Fraser (Writer), Paul Rodgers (Writer), Performed by Free, Published by Blue Mountain Music, Ltd., administered in North America by Fairwest Music USA, and by Fairwood Music, Ltd.  in the rest of the world., Courtesy of Universal-Island Records Ltd., Licensed by kind permission from the Film & TV licensing division Part of the Universal Music Group
"Feel It"Performed by Detonations., John Henry (Writer), Julien Fried (Writer), Keith Herrera (Writer.), From the Alive Records release ‘Static Vision’., Courtesy of Alive Records, by exclusive arrangement with Media Creature Music., www.alive‑ /
"Lonely"Art Jackson (Writer), Performed by All Night., From the album All Night., Published by Copyright Control Courtesy of Tee Pee Records., By arrangement with Big Sounds International.,
"Flap Your Boogie Flap"Greg Strzempka (Writer), Performed by Raging Slab., From the album The Dealer., Published by SuperSlabSongs ., Courtesy of Tee Pee Records., By arrangement with Big Sounds International.,
"Beggin For Bail"Eric M. Oblander (Writer), Steven J. Smith (Writer), Bradley Oliver Coffin (Writer), Performed by Five Horse Johnson., Published by Alcala Entertainment ., From the album Double Down., Music Delivered by Rumblefish.,
"Loaded"Performed by Very Ape, Niklas Karlsson (Writer), Mattias Silvell (Writer), Jonas Thür (Writer), Jens Eriksson (Writer), From the Alive Records release ‘Kosher Boogie’, Courtesy of Alive Records by exclusive arrangement with Media Creature Music, www.alive‑ /

Rok 1-11

"Crucible"Heitham Al'Sayed (Writer), Kerstin Haigh (Writer), James Barrett (Writer), Nick Michaelson (Writer), Andrew Clinton (Writer), John Morgan (Writer), Alan Haggarty (Writer), Performed by Senser, Published by Senser Productions., From the Album “Schematic”., Appears courtesy of One Little Indian Records., /
"Throwdown"Tony Oros (Writer), Mike McManus (Writer), Performed by Egodog., Published by: Orosongs, Rexhame Music, From the album:, Appears courtesy of Egodog.,
"Air Raid"From the Album:The Red & The Black., Chris Armes (Writer), Eric Davis (E-Rock; Writer), Mike Levinson (Mikey L; Writer), Sean Scura (Writer), Performed by Agent 51., Published by Suburban Hooligans Music / Surfmutt Music (BMI)., Appears courtesy of Surfdog Records., /
"In The Flood"Matthew Whitehead (Writer), Performed by Throttlerod., Published by Alcala Entertainment, From the Album Hell and High Water., Music Delivered by Rumblefish.,
"As I Walk"Chris Konkle (Writer), Nick Fredell (Writer), Chris Lane (Writer), Shane Grush (Writer), Performed by Jettared., Published by Position Music Publishing, Courtesy of Position Music.,
"Evilution"T. Murray (Writer), Cory White (Writer), Steve Ericson (Writer), Performed by Shocore., From the Album: Evilution., Published by Shocore Music, Appear courtesty of Shocore Music.,
"Shut Me Out"Chris Lerrede (Writer), Rick Parkhouse (Writer), Tim Parkhouse (Writer), Performed by getAmped., From the Album: Phony Society., Published by RNT Music., Appears courtesy of Bionic Monkey Management.,

Yeehaw! FM

"Willie"From the Album: Selected Shorts., Dan Hicks (Writer/Performer), Performed by Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks., Published by Great Guns Publishing / Surfdog Music ., Appears courtesy of Surfdog Records., /
"Hillbilly Band"From the Album , Toy Caldwell (Writer), Performed by The Marshall Tucker Band., Published by Spirit One Music., Appears courtesy of Marshall Tucker Entertainment Inc. under exclusive license to Shout! Factory, a Division of Retropolis, LLC.,
"Tennessee Cannonball"From the Album: “Encyclopedia Of Sound Volume 2”., Performed by Los Straitjackets., Danny Amis (Writer), Eddie Angel (Writer), Pete Curry (Writer), Jimmy Lester (Writer), Published by Sunset Park Music, Big Tiger Music, and Los Straitjackets . Courtesy of Fresh Baked Records., By arrangement with Ocean Park Music Group.,
"High Timin' Girl"Bianca DeLeon (Performer/Writer), From the album 'Outlaws & Lovers'., Used by permission from Songs of Media Creature, Courtesy of Outlaws & Lovers Music, by arrangement with Media Creature Music., /
"Flying High, Walking Tall"Carl Rutherford (Writer/Performer), From the album ‘Turn Off The Fear’., Courtesy of Music Maker, by arrangement with Media Creature Music., /
"Shasta Daylight"Carl Rutherford (Performer/Writer), From the album ‘Turn Off The Fear’., Courtesy of Music Maker, by arrangement with Media Creature Music., /

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (202600) and リカルド・フィリペ (117569)