Written by  :  J W (107)
Written on  :  Sep 11, 2010
Rating  :  3.33 Stars3.33 Stars3.33 Stars3.33 Stars3.33 Stars

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The Good

Ah, Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing. Known as the worst game of all time, this game has gotten many low marks on sites like Gamespot, X Play, and Netjak.

Well, are there any good things about this game? Well, its serious glitches make the game so hilarious. I will explain them when I get to the Bad.

Although my copy of the game has no soundtrack, there was one and I listened to it and it's one of the best game music soundtracks I've heard.

As this game's many fans say, this game is "so bad that it's good", in a way.

The Bad

Hmmm, there are only four trucks to choose from in this game! Not that it matters, they all have the same handling, top speed, and acceleration. Stellar Stone really should have added different top speeds and all that, but they didn't.

There's also only five tracks to choose from. Actually, there's only four because one of them, Nightride, does not work at all. Selecting it without this patch (I'll explain it later) causes the game to crash.

As for sound effects, there are N-O-N-E unless you get the aforementioned patch.

Also, without the patch, the opponent truck does not move a single inch. You get no AI without it.

Here's the funniest part. You go through EVERYTHING! And when I mean EVERYTHING I mean EVERYTHING! Buildings, your opponent rig, trees, road signs, road lights, and even bridges! When crossing a bridge the truck FALLS THROUGH it, and when I saw my truck fall through the bridge the first time I nearly ended up on the floor laughing.

And there are literally no physics in this game. The trucks, they can literally go up nearly vertical mountains! And at the top of the mountain, a little ways, is the gray area. Normally in a game, these "gray voids" have an invisible wall around them. In Big Rigs, however, you can go into it. Seriously. And when you do, the truck starts flipping out like it's having a seizure in some parts!

The graphics of this game are rather poor. You can't even set the graphics to high, it's medium or low. And the rigs' headlights are not even attached to them. So sad.

The trucks all have top speeds when going forwards: 81 mph. It's an ENTIRELY different story in reverse. The rigs can go backwards at an infinite speeds! And when they're going so fast backwards, when you press the left or right arrows, the truck starts spinning really fast, which would cause many people with motion sickness to start feeling a little queasy.

Because of the lack of AI without the patch, you win all the time. And when you do complete a race, you get a screen with a three handled trophy saying "YOU'RE WINNER!". By this time you'll be laughing your head off.

But the really bad thing about this game is the fact that the game was not what it was meant to be. Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing was supposed to be a game that featured you delivering cargo to a destination and trying to avoid cops. There are no cops, no cargo, and not much of a game here in Big Rigs.

The Bottom Line

Okay, Stellar Stone released a patch that (didn't really) addressed some of the problems. It gave the opponent truck AI, but the truck just follows a programmed path to the finished line, and it stops just short of it, allowing you to still be WINNER all the time. Sound effects are also added, like a handbrake and engine. Lastly, Nightride is fixed, but it's a mirror image of the first track. This patch barely fixes the glitches in the game, such as going through buildings and going up nearly vertical slopes. Apparently Stellar Stone wanted to keep the trucks' magic powers of defying physics and going through buildings! Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing is only good for a few laughs, unless you're a curious person who wants to find this game and watch trucks go 50,000 miles an hour...in reverse.

The developers, Stellar Stone, do not exist anymore as far as I know. But the producers, Gamemill Publishing still do. How they managed to survive after publishing this game is a mystery to me and anyone else that played this....rather unique game...