The Binding of Isaac Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Loading screen
Introduction scene, when Isaac and his mother are still happy.
Main menu
Character selection - Cain is still locked at this point.
The starting area from the first dungeon always reviews the controls.
To get to the coins you need to blow up the rocks with bombs.
Introduction screen to one of the bosses
One of the macabre shops
At the machine to the left you can exchange your hearts for coins.
Descending to a new dungeon - Isaac has a nightmare.
This enemy looks a lot like Gish.
Lots of enemies in this room, poor Isaac needs to launch his tears.
This boss is inspired by Bomberman.
A secret has been discovered.
One of the special, optional, dark rooms where you need to defeat multiple waves of enemies.
Isaac uses the magnet on his head to rope in items.
A new attack item has been discovered.
In these rooms a pact with the devil can be made. Often there are extraordinary upgrades, but at a price. You'll often lose a lot of health.
The little red guy helps Isaac to attack.
One of the harder bosses
One of the seven Sin mini-bosses
Spikes appear in the fourth level.
Isaac wearing X-ray vision in an arcade that advertises some of McMillen's other games.
This boss spews acid you cannot touch.
Isaac looks black and deformed because he made a pact with the devil.
Blood trails you cannot touch in the final basement level
Game Over screen
Playing as Eve, a new unlockable character introduced in the free October update. As soon as she is hit, a dead bird appears to assist.
When Eve has only half a heart left, she transforms into this creature.
Cain, one of the unlockable characters, with a full upgrade and a bit bloated
Magdalene (unlockable character) shoots a beam after signing a pact with the devil.
Preparing for the final confrontation with mother