Written by  :  Wormspinal (639)
Written on  :  May 11, 2013
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  2.71 Stars2.71 Stars2.71 Stars2.71 Stars2.71 Stars

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They removed the BEES?!

The Good

The graphics are pretty damn awesome. Perhaps the best looking UE3 title on the market right now. The game has an ending, thank god. Ken Levine was involved in the process of making this game. Excellent voice actors and music. Elizabeth's body.

The Bad

It gets repetitive very quick. Many of the weapons feels less powerful than what they appear to be. Almost every weapon works the same, no matter if you use the Vox's or the "standard" ones. Most of the plasmids, or VIGORS in BSI are downright useless. I kept using only Possess and Shock Jockey. There's no exploration at all, just a straight line to the goal. Many of the game's NPC's are mute and can't be interacted with so they appear as re-animated mannequins. The game includes rather tasteless racism. The Elizabeth character is immortal and ruins the game's stress factor by aiding you in battles by tossing ammo, health and salt just when you're about to die. When you do finally die, there's no punishment. Every Bioshock suffers from this. It began already in System Shock 2 though. A game I actually like. You don't feel as a part of the game world, it doesn't feel like you make an impact with your doings. It all feels so sterile. AI's freaking stupid. Most of the enemies just rush towards you, beating you with billy clubs.

The Bottom Line

Graphics doesn't make the game. And here's the proof why. Such an overhyped game and what did we get? One more linear game.