BioShock Infinite Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
A travel to the lighthouse where the journey really begins
Many objects like desks, closets, boxes etc. can be looted
Welcome to Columbia!
A motorized horse. Too bad we don't see them in the game often
Watching a kinetoscope with some tips on the use of vigors
Policemen talk about a skyhook - looks like it's new to them too
The skyhook, aside from being useful for fast travel, has also a secondary application... Gore!
I used Possession vigor to turn the turret against the attackers
Looks like an application for the skyhook!
A table laid for crows... One of many moody locations.
Infusion upgrade - a valuable find. Upgrade permanently one of these parameters: health bar, the shield or salt capacity (think of it as mana bar).
There are three types of vending machines. This is the general shopping interface.
Throwing a fireball (Devil's kiss vigor) at the Crow
New gear found - a hat
Jumping on guys from skylines is an easy kill (at least until the guys get tougher)
Headshooting the guy at the front while those at the background are kept busy with my Murder of crows vigor
As we spy on Elisabeth a little bit, we see that she can tear windows to other space-time dimensions
Face-to-face with Elisabeth
On a sky-line
A beach high above the land
A motorized patriot
Shotgun action
Elisabeth will often find coins, ammo and other useful things
Columbia at night
Elisabeth picking a lock
Her "tear" ability becomes useful when she can summon valuable objects from thin air
If Booker dies he will be resurrected right away, but this costs some money
A complex menu with all the information on your mission, vigors, weapon upgrades, gear and audio logs found. Viewing weapons tab.
Woah, you big guy must be unhappy to see me strolling in the working district
Shanty town - a place for Negroes and Irishmen
A trusty revolver
Another vigor found
Chain lightning
Sky-line shooting
Tough fight. Mechanical enemies degrade as you shoot them which is always a nice touch
Radial vigor select menu and a vending machine at the background
Out of ammo and my shield's down. I remember I panicked at that point.
Gear provide various abilities, and here's one of them - shoot someone and your weapon will increase the power with each subsequent kill, until there's noone left or you fail to kill for 10 seconds.
Mysterious Elizabeth.
Beautiful level design.