BioShock Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen and main menu
A scene from the short and enigmatic intro
Stylish loading screen
The game starts on the sea surface, in a blazing inferno... It appears you have survived a terrible accident
Rather strange greeting...
The elevator to your destiny
Only a few minutes into the game and already you see advertising?..
Rapture - your home for the next twenty-five hours
A splicer gives you a warm welcome
The map you can access at any time
This guy looks very creepy... get used to seeing such guys
More like many men's madness, mankind's ruination...
A Gatherer's Garden terminal where you get new Plasmids. Your first Plasmid - prepare for a wild ride!..
Plasmids in action! Oh, I'm sorry, beak-face, was the voltage too high? Well, next time think twice before attacking me!..
Medical Station is the game's first large level. Not a pretty sight, indeed. Showing corpse-searching interface and myself equipped with a default, yet very helpful wrench
You'll be able to listen to all those radio messages again - just open the database
What? I heard the alarm and decided to use this nice toilet. Here, I even flushed it, what else do you want from me?..
This corridor won't last much longer
You can find items in many places - including trash cans
This splicer is on fire, but I think you already knew that
Creepy - it seems like a woman attends to her baby. I won't tell you what really happens here
Someone mourned his lost dad and husband
The new year's eve party - the day it all started to go wrong
The main character sometimes sees visions of things that happened
A Big Daddy comes to protect the little sister
If you die you'll respawn here
The water looks gorgeous
Did someone order grilled mutants?
If you drink too much alcohol your vision blurs
Saving a Little Sister
Ahh, Arcadia - one of the game's most mesmerizingly beautiful locations. This here is the Tea Garden. The calm is disrupted only by my grenades causing water splashes
Rich and detailed interior locations. Using an Enrage plasmid here, right on the table. You got a problem with that?..
Buying stuff. There is quite a lot of micromanagement in the game - sometimes at odds with the frenetic combat
Water has infiltrated many areas; the view from the windows is often breathtaking. Are you sure incinerating this Big Daddy is a good idea?
A deceptively quiet place - a wine cellar! Don't get drunk, just prepare that napalm gun of yours
Rapture Metro - stylish and opulently decadent, like most things in here
Security Bullseye plasmid, orange office, gramophone, nice floor, exotic view out of the windows... Best vacation ever?..
Cohen, probably the creepiest guy in Rapture. And you must help him complete his so dearly masterpiece
Frying a Big Daddy
Many of the rooms are optional to explore, but offer interesting tales when you listen to the electronic diaries
About to launch a frag grenade to whatever's lurking behind the corner
Inside a theatre
This is it, isn't it? The heart of Rapture, and the mad genius behind it is greeting you with some well-written, slightly philosophical dialogue. No, sir, you ain't done yet...
Strange message on the wall, exotically dressed corpse nearby... This felt a bit medieval, so I took out my trusty crossbow. With special ammo and all
Olympus Heights - once home of the rich, now a desolate place with corpses and bicycles. And then they ask why pride is the worst sin!..
Finally reached Apollo Square - heard a lot about it during the course of the game. Lots of attention to detail
Now I'm donning a Big Daddy helmet! And I froze those splicers with my new cool plasmid! Kids, don't try this at home!
Nearing the final stage of the game. Guide this poor Little Sister safely to the destination, protect her!..