Biosys Credits

Jumpstart Solutions

Executive ProducerAaron Witkin
Project DirectorSimon Redman
Associate ProducerMick Everall
Game ConceptSimon Redman, Christopher Short, Andrew Webb
Game DesignSimon Redman, Tancred Dyke-Wells, Rob Agar
Lead ProgrammerAndrew Webb
Game ProgrammerRob Agar
Graphics ProgrammerMat Cook
Installation ProgrammerJiri Kantor
3D ArtistsSusan Tilleray, Stuart Hall, Muriel Verliefde, Tancred Dyke-Wells, Haslina Dasley
Additioanal 3D ArtworkClaude Vuille, Alexander Knox, David Apikien, Peter Laville, Sebastian Witkin
3D Technical SupportAlexander Knox
Interface DesignJon Brierley
AnimationAlon Ziv
Special EffectsAlon Ziv
2D ArtworkRichard Wilding, Timothy Bird
Concept ArtLubo Christov, Richard Johnson
Music and Sound DesignThe Insects
Sound EffectsBen Jones (at Soundbyte), Tancred Dyke-Wells
Scripting and AuthoringRichard Wilding, Jon Brierley, Tancred Dyke-Wells
Image ProcessingRichard Wilding
Asset ManagementRichard Wilding
Project ConsultantsBiospheres LLC
Ecological ResearchDan Sonnenberg, Jo Readman, Keith Moore
Architectural ResearchGraham Moore, TBV Consult
StoryChristopher Short, Simon Redman, Tancred Dyke-Wells
ScriptChristopher Short
Video DirectionChristopher Short
Digital Video EditingAlon Ziv
ActorsJacob Witkin (Prof. Alan Russell), Mell Cobb (Sam Devlin), John Ashton (Mike Abell), Jo Baird (Sarah Parish), Stephen Tiller (Alexei Bialystok), Heather McCall (Jenny), Ray Burnside (Worker), Sharon Jackson (Mother), Graydon Gould (Voiceover)
Game IdeaMike Wilks
Thanks toJean-loup Gailly (for the Zib compression libraries), Mark Adler (for the Zib compression libraries)
Special Thanks toJohn Allen, Delve Ltd., John Tubmen, Helen Barraclough, James Williams, Simon Matthews, Pete Raeburn, Amanda S, Play 2 Win Arcade, Franx Cafe, Mr Wu's Chinese Buffet, Kew Gardens
Also thanks to all atGary Dale, Andrea Mills, Joanne Green, Wision, Theodore Goddard, Barry Lancaster-Smith, Simon Downing, Mandy Shevlin, Tracey Mortimer, All at Online Magic, J.P. Rohan
Dedicated in memory ofTouch Interactive, Touch Animation

Take 2 Interactive

Executive ProducersSam Houser, David Strempel
ProducerLucien King
Associate ProducerDan Houser
Production AssistantAli Candy
MarketingMatt Gorman
Test ManagerTim LeTourneau
Test TeamPaul Cuthill, Michael Wenn, Adam Rabin, Charlie Johnstone
Technical Manager Gary J. Foreman
German LocalisationSchneck & Deny mediasolutions Munich

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