Bird Hunter: Wild Wings Edition Credits (Windows)

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Bird Hunter: Wild Wings Edition Credits


ProducerTom Shiflet
Executive ProducerAnthony Campiti
Lead ProgrammersDaniel Edwards, Paul McKinney
ProgrammersChris Brooks, Michael Kraack, Darren Mohle, Dustin Russell, Loren Aitkins
Engine SupportBen Fulton, David Eaton
Sound DesignGary Phillips
Map DesignerRobert Travis
ArtistsDavid Manuel, Judith Peterson, Christopher Bruce, Ryan Butts, Mike Buck, Jung Lee, Wes Merritt, Jennifer Wildes


Project ManagerChris Boxmeyer
Project CoordinatorStephen Ellis
Marketing ManagerDennis Davidson
Product ManagerPeter Armstrong, Cory Johnson
VP of DevelopmentPaul Rinde
VP of MarketingTracy Magnuson
Gameplay and Beta TestersBrian Ewoldt, Dan Kruger, Michael Cucchiarella, Steven Charbonneau, Philip Armstrong
Manual Bird DrawingsRobert Savannah, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (200390)