Bit.Trip Beat Credits

Gaijin Games

DesignerAlex Neuse
EngineerChris Osborn
ArtistMike Roush
Special ThanksScott Lindberg (Sllab - for logo work), Tomoyuki Arima (Tats - for font work), Jesec Griffin (for voice talent), Bill Gildan (for setting the standard), Erin Pearce-Zuazua, Larry Osborn, Chane Hollander, Bryan Erck, Kenneth Anderson, Robin Sommers, Daniel Riedel, Carla Sikand, Zimbo the Magnificent, Our friends and families, All of our focus testers

Atrophy Studios

PC DevelopmentAndrew Hynek

Petrified Productions

MusicPetrified Productions
Sound DesignPetrified Productions

Bit Shifter

Menu MusicMove to Intercept © 2008
Credits MusicThe Information Chase © 2006


ZlibCopyright © 1995‑2010, Jean-loup Gailly, Mark Adler
Ogg VorbisCopyright © 2002‑2008, Foundation
Hammock for RestCopyright © 2010, Daniel Crenna, Jason Diller

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (505904)