Black Mesa Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen and main menu
Famous interactive intro
Got my HEV suit
Dr. Kleiner & Dr. Vance
One experiment gone terrible wrong
Flares are your only means for survival in the beginning
Finally, a crowbar
Feeding Barnacles with drums and other stuff is all you can do before you get a gun
And finally we get a gun
Freeman gets covered in acid
I remember this place very well from playing the first HL back in 1998
There was a slaughter here
Spotted by the automatic turret
You can use turrents to your advantage
On rails
One of the Tentacles in the Blast Pit
Take that you zombie!
I don't really want to go down there
Gargantua versus a soldier
Actually its soldiers, not aliens, who will cause the most trouble
Manning a machine gun
Encountered an Ichthyosaur
The poor fella never had time enough to finish the phrase
Residue processing plant
What kind of experiments did they conduct here?
Encountered a Grunt
Obtained the Tau Cannon
The special effects on this hole are really neat
The desert looks really astonishing in contrast with all the indoor labs
This way the surgical machine makes more sense than in the original
Magnum Revolver is a very powerful weapon
The title screen changes depending on which chapter you're in
Epic battle with a helicopter
Event tanks can't stop Gordon
Hivehand has unlimited ammo, but sometimes it's not enough
Good thing I left the security systems on
Disintegrating some aliens
When hell breaks loose...
Vortigaunt gets his hat
Picking up a Houndeye
The commercial version of Black Mesa was released in May 2015 through Steam. It features improved graphics (among other things).
Xen chapters will be included in this version.
Steam Black Mesa also features multiplayer mode.
Cute pet.