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The Black Mirror (Windows)

The Black Mirror Screenshots

Windows version

Just like in my summer house!
That guy is always rude to me.
My somewhat creepy garden.
Aah! My manor in all its glory!
Does that thing in the foreground look like wood to you?
The tiny greenhouse. Poor flowers.
Why is he mooning that white, naked lady?
Did we suddenly change from summer to autumn here?
Watch him swing that axe... exciting.
Gah! That horse is staring at me!
Title and Main Menu
It's nice to be able to name your saved games. And no limits on how many either!
Right-click on the map in inventory to travel.
This attic has its own challenges - inside and out!
The Common Room, decorated in lively green. The lamps come on at night!
Even the hallways are interesting.
The front of Black Mirror Castle at night in the pouring rain. The sounds are even more impressive than the graphics.
Samuel's bedroom
Grandfather William's Study in the Tower
One of the few books to be studied. Click on the page and it is eloquently read out loud.
Point to the bottom of the screen for the inventory.
Beautiful antique church. Press your Tab keyboard key and all exits are shown briefly.
The Morgue. Notice the small "bubble" which starts conversation.
Opening crypts is part of the fun!
Weird things happen inside the Sanitorium.
Lovely front gate at an estate in Wales
"Everything looks different at night"
One of several underground tombs. This one can be hazardous unless you're careful.
This puzzle is not as hard as it looks!
Entering the Catacombs
Putting the pieces together
That's what I want my family portraits to look like!
A puzzle based on the solar system...
An autopsy, yay!
These arcane symbols hold the key to the mystery
Sanitary conditions leave a bit to be desired around these parts...
Another "ancient tomb"-style puzzle.
The Black Mirror castle from the intro cinematic
William before his mysterious death-suicide
Some apples in the kitchen
Your family and friends in this town are rather secretive
This place needs renovation
Found a mysterious red symbol not far from the death scene
Checking the local inn
At the cemetery
What's that... a small key on the ground... I wonder what secrets it unlocks
Murray's pawnshop seems open at this strange time of day
Talking to the priest
Looking for a way out of this crypt
A revolver should prove useful