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Black & White: Creature Isle (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

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Category Description MobyScore
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.3
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.1
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Overall MobyScore (13 votes) 3.6

The Press Says

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Game Informer Magazine
If you fell in love with the virtual pet aspect within the original, the Creature AI is more dynamic and the insertion of variety keeps the adventure from becoming redundant.
I loved the original Black & White, and this expansion just adds to it. It gives you an absolutely enemy-free island to play around and raise your new baby chicken, covered in new, fun trials, creatures, and spells. I have to admit that I am a little disappointed in the lack of content, though. I thought there would be a few more new creatures and spells, but it makes up for that by adding bowling that both you and you creature can do! If you’re a Black & White fan, I definitely recommend Creature Isle.
L'île aux Créatures est un excellent supplément au non moins excellent Black And White. Les amateurs trouveront de nombreuses occupations pour leur Créature chérie. Pas indispensable, mais réellement jouissif pour qui apprécie déjà le genre !
The removal of the micro-management in the game, as well as the focus on your creature and the tasks it must complete make this expansion feel like a different game. Even players who didn't like Black & White should consider playing Creature Isle. You might think that Creature Isle is a mixed bag -- a great add-on that will simultaneously appeal to some non-B&W fans, and alienate some fans of the original because of what isn't here. However, the things that are missing from the original are the things most players -- even die-hard fans -- are happy to do without. However, if training your creature, and doting on its every move didn't appeal to you in Black & White, then steer clear of this one, because it's all you do here.
Game Informer Magazine
Despite the fact that there are a number of ways to interact with Tyke and your environment, it really comes down to how much you like shepherding your big guy around the island to tangle with its various inhabitants. I dug it, but I wouldn’t suggest anyone but a hardcore B&W vet dip his beak into this one.
If, however, you were a fan of the creature-raising element of the original then Creature Isle will still no doubt hold plenty of appeal – if only because of the exciting variety of new creatures and options available to the player. Let us not forget that this is still Black and White too, and the humour is just as irreverent; the graphics still beautiful, and the world still immersive and rich. It just isn’t as overtly stunning as the original was. Hence…
GameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands)
Creature Isle of 'Eiland Vol Wezens' zoals je wil is een lange vakantie waard, zeker voor wie het originele Black & White ondanks de verwondering om de onwaarschijnlijke AI af en toe als 'te veel werk' begon te zien.
PC Gameplay (Benelux)
Een geslaagde uitbreiding voor al wie genoten heeft van zijn Creature en de subquests in Black & White.
Creature Isle will certainly appeal to anyone who enjoyed Black & White in the first place. Surprisingly, though, it's also suitable for some of those who didn't. That is, if you enjoyed Black & White's gigantic creatures and its basic premise but didn't care much for the strategic elements that dominated much of the game, then you'll still more than likely enjoy Creature Isle. The minigames that comprise most of this expansion are like simple parlor games and aren't nearly as lofty as the concepts in the original Black & White. Still, between all the minigames and the inspired addition of a younger creature for your own creature to look after, you'll find that Creature Isle is a great place to visit.
GameStar (Germany)
Keine Verbesserung des Hauptprogramms, schlappe fünf bis sechs Stunden Spielzeit, eine einzige Insel – wer dafür 35 Euro verlangt, gehört auf selbige verbannt. Im Prinzip ist das Addon nur eine Sammlung von 18 mehr oder weniger spaßigen Minispielchen, allerdings in einer nach wie vor faszinierenden Umgebung. Wenn Küken Tyke beim Bowling verstohlen die Anzahl der gefallenen Kegel erhöht, möchte ich fast den Monitor streicheln. Diese rührenden Momente entschädigen auch für so manche Subquest-Strapaze. Das Addon bietet amüsante Unterhaltung für zwei Nachmittage. Wer jedoch auf eine Evolution von Black & White gehofft hat, wird bitter enttäuscht.
PC Games (Germany)
Die Geschichte des Programms spielt zeitlich parallel zum Hauptprogramm: Nachdem man auf der ersten Insel von Black & White den Missionaren beim Bau eines Bootes geholfen hat, segelten sie von dannen, um eine neue Welt zu entdecken - was ihnen auch gelang, wie sich auf der fünften Insel herausstellen sollte. Diese Welt ist die Insel der Kreaturen. Hier wohnen in drei Dörfern einige Menschen und überall auf der Insel verstreut zahlreiche Kreaturen.
PC Action
Erinnern Sie sich noch an die singenden Bootsbauer, deren Gejaule man nur abstellen konnte, indem man genügend Holz und Fleisch beschaffte? Genau auf diese Jodelbrüder stoßen Sie erneut bei der Black & White-Erweiterung Insel der Kreaturen. Als selbst ernannte Missionare segeln die musikalischen Burschen durch die Ozeane, entdecken alsbald eine Insel voller heidnischer Bewohner und beschwören zur Verstärkung ihren Gott, also Sie, mitsamt seiner Kreatur. Und als hätten Sie mit den Glaubensfragen der Bevölkerung und dem Training Ihres Helfers nicht schon genug am Hals, treffen Sie zusätzlich auf einen Löwen-Greis.
PC Zone Benelux
We zijn niet helemaal hotel-de-botel van Creature Isle -of Een Eiland vol Wezens, zoals je wilt- maar het kan ermee door. Alleen voor de fans!
ESC Magazine
Creature Isle is a nice collection of mini-games and a nice addition to the overall Black & White experience, but the game won’t be able to stand up to pure strategy gamers, or those who cherished and expected the same serious undertone as in the first game. Creature Isle is a nice, comic diversion into the B&W universe, but is not a full serving of the original’s gameplay, as some would have liked. Ultimately, the game serves up a weekend’s worth of fun, and stokes the flames of gamers craving Black and White 2 even more.
Die Erweiterungs-CD für das Götterspiel Black & White ist auf jeden Fall nur mit starken Einschränkungen zu empfehlen. So werden hauptsächlich Kreaturenzüchter Spaß an diesem Add-On haben, denn es geht praktisch nur um selbige. Der gesamte Aufbauteil, die Schlacht mit anderen Göttern sowie die Unterscheidungsmöglichkeiten zwischen guten und bösen Taten machten viel Reiz beim Hauptspiel aus und fehlen bei der Insel der Kreaturen gänzlich. Nur einige simple Spielchen, verkappt als 18 Prüfungen, sind halbwegs unterhaltsam (manche mehr, viele weniger). Alles in allem bietet das Add-On um die zehn Stunden Spielspaß und das Ganze für absolut überteuerte 35 Euro - nur eingefleischte Kreaturen-Züchter können bedenkenlos zugreifen!
PC Gamer
The charm of the first game has been dulled - no pied-piper quests here. The immersiveness that made Black & White so appealing is distinctly absent; what you're left with is more of the same through 10 to 15 hours of gameplay, tops.
Das Spielprinzip von Black&White wird geknickt, einzig eure Kreatur bleibt euch. Leider schafft es das Spiel auf diese Weise nicht mehr zu fesseln. Besonders Spieler, die das Hauptprogramm wegen des Aufbauparts gespielt haben, werden maßlos enttäuscht. Sollten euch simple Geschicklichkeits- und Denkspielchen nerven, spielt mit eurer Kreatur lieber im Hauptprogramm weiter und spart die 35 Euro für das Add-On.
Like I said earlier, before I played Creature Isle I was hoping for a good game. I hoped Lionhead learned from their mistakes in Black & White and put the potential of the original into reality. Unfortunately, Creature Isle doesn’t do much of anything. The trials feel like they’re straight out of a kid’s game, and they’re more frustrating than trying to find a game of Counter-Strike without cheaters. Who would I recommend Creature Isle to? Only the hardest of the hardcore Black & White fans. The people that can spend countless hours training their creature, or who leave the game on for a week straight, “just to see what the creature will do”. For everyone else, stay the hell away from this game. Spend your money on something more interesting, like a DVD of paint drying (with 5.1 surround sound!).
Creature Isle is a tough game to review. It can get tiresome, it can get too easy. It is primarily focused on creature rather than on the village (which is neither good nor bad, it simply has a different approach than B&W), but it does have one big downside - your creature lacks the personality it had in the original game. In fact, in comparison to B&W, Creature Isle is more of a new game than an expansion pack. It is technically perfect, but far less intriguing and innovative than B&W. Some of the B&W fans will love it, and others will be disgusted by the way it deformed its authentic philosophy.
Computer Gaming World (CGW)
Some new creatures and miracles add to the value of the package, but not by much. The rhino and crocodile join the original creatures, and there are two new miracles, one to dispel magic and one to provide speed boost. Nice, but not enough. The god-battling strategic element of the original is simply gone. In its place is a protracted software Tamogochi. It may have spectacular Al, but it’s still just an elaborate virtual pet forced to perform a tedious sequence of often-frustrating tasks.