Written by  :  James Glover (36)
Written on  :  Sep 13, 2004
Platform  :  Windows

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Nice in theory, bad in practice

The Good

The ideas behind the game are good and the game attempted to do something new, abolishing traditional interfaces in an attempt to make the game more absorbing, and making the world truely interactive and responsive. The graphics were fantastic and the game was a pleasure to watch, and the first hour drew you in and felt like you were playing something special.

The Bad

In short, it didn't work. Although all the ingredients seemed right, they didn't pull to a game. Instead you began to act as nanny to your people, occasionally throwing rocks around to impress people. There was little to it and the concept soon wore. In one level, fairly near the beginning, they take your creature. One of the central pillar of the game is removed, for a whole level. This makes all the petty and repetitive things come to the forefront, and you realise how little game there really is.

I wanted this to work, I really did, but unfortunately, despite being immediately fascinated and dragged in at the beginning, like a cheap MDF veneerer, the lack of interest behind the game couldn't stay hidden for long.

The Bottom Line

Beautiful in appearance, clever in principal and impressive in aims. Yet unfortunately completely failing to deliver on the one thing that counts, depth and interest. The developers clearly loved this game, but I think they forgot what they were designing, and instead created something closer to a piece of art than a functional and playable game.