The Blackwell Convergence Credits


Written byDavid L. Gilbert
Code byDavid L. Gilbert
Sprite Designs byShane Stevens
Character AnimationShane Stevens
Character Portraits byIan Schlaepfer
Backgrounds byLuminous Arts, Karen Petrasko
Music Composed byThomas Regin
Saxophone Played byChris Stieve-Dawe
Voice CastRebecca Whittaker (Rosa Blackwell), Abe Goldfarb (Joey Mallone), Brian Silliman (Allen Reiken), Shelly Smith-Shenoy (Josie Park), Daryl Lathon (Claude Urdin), Nonie Craige (Nishanthi Sharma/Madeline), Ronica Reddick (Monique Stahlman/The Countes), David L. Gilbert (Minetta bartender/Joseph Mitchell), Marcus Weems (Paul Meltzer/Joe Gould/Martin Goldwater), Francisco Gonzalez (Frank Lyons)
GUI Design byEyal Jammer
Additional Art byJenna Leder
Engine Created byChris Jones
Sketch Art byMatthew Gardner
Modules byAndrew MacCormack, Shane Stevens
Beta TestersDylan Downing, Andrew MacCormack, Francisco Gonzalez, Janet Gilbert, Edmundo Ruiz, Ryan Keepence, Gary Christolm, Remigiusz Michalski, Jackie Sergent, Stephan Campbell, Igor Hardy
Special ThanksJanet Gilbert, Sande Chen, Brandon Van Slyke, Julia Keren-Detar, Anthony Carboni, Amanda Fitch, Matt Hawkins, Arcadium, Quick Thinking Improv, Sara Gilbert, Eric Gilbert, AGS Community, New York IGDA, All the fans, Sweet coffee
"I Can See Into Forever"Sammy Allen (Writer/Performer - feat. Hypnogaja), Jason Arnold (Writer), Jean-Yves Ducornet (Writer), Mark Nubar Donikian (Writer), John Scott Mulchaey (Writer), Courtesy of Union State Records by arrangement with PEN Music Group Inc.
Special 0ogle CodeMasterCriminal

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (435309)