The Blackwell Convergence (Windows)

The Blackwell Convergence Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Introduction sequence
The first room also acts as a tutorial.
Reading an obituary.
Title Screen
During conversations, character portraits are shown.
Use the 0ogle search engine to look up information.
Reading Rosa's e-mails.
Visiting the opening of an art gallery.
A location Rosa never gets used to.
Visiting a movie production office.
The map where different locations are shown.
Another confused ghost near a bridge
The Minetta is a local bar.
Joey searches an apartment.
An encounter with a familiar character
An investment company
When moving over hotspots, a text description appears.
A list of notes for the characters to use during conversations.
Talking to an artist who knows more about a certain lady.
Outside Rosa's apartment
A powerful encounter
Stranded in a strange location
Two old ghosts bickering.
This essay is illegible.
An encounter near the end of the game