The Blackwell Deception Credits


Character Sprites byBen Chandler
Character Portraits byDaniel Rubinstein
Backgrounds byIndrek Plavutski
Music Composed byThomas Regin
Written byDavid L. Gilbert
Programmed byDavid L. Gilbert
Additional Music byPremium Beats, Christiaan Mooij
AGS Engine Created byChris Jones
Additional Art byShane Stevens, Eyal Jammer, Jenna Leder, Emma Grahn, Jose Navarro, Luminous Arts
CastRebecca Whittaker, Abe Goldfarb, Michael Gambino, Edward Bauer, Julia Doolittle, Francisco Gonzalez, Shelly Smith-Shenoy, Mercedes Rose, Jennifer Holmes, David L. Gilbert, Rachel Rydzewski, Miranda Gauvin, Daryl Lathon, Sarah Elmaleh, Brian Silliman
Beta TestersJackie Sargent, Lou Huang, Dylan Downing, Ryan Keepence, Chelle Destefano, Stee, Michelle Cortino (The Cat), Edmundo Ruiz, Francisco Gonzalez, Marshika Szbazo, Daniel Rubinstein
More Beta TestersErica Kendrick, Ilona Peters, Vin Lettera, Thomas Faust, Robert Fletcher, Khushal Brahmbhatt, Troy Smith, Lynne Wiseman, Marieke Niewenhuijzen, Martin Mulrooney, Amy Luccio, Klaus Schlichter
Special Thanks toJanet Gilbert, Sande Chen, Brandon Van Slyke, Julia Keren-Detar, Natalie Juhasz, Matt Hawkins, Sara Gilbert, Eric Gilbert, Quick Thinking Improv, The AGS Community, Always coffee

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (473432)